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Virtual cafe - it's a great opportunity to try yourself as a cook and at the same time to develop a successful business. Games for girls offer café open themed establishments in which customers are treated to mouth-watering desserts, numerous species of hot drinks, fresh bread rolls, sweet cakes. In all of these toys have to strictly follow the customer's order. For example, a gamer decided to open a small place near the building of the university, but because it comes to a lot of students to eat chocolate cake, fruit salad, drink a soda, chips crunch. When someone appears near the counter, a special menu above his head shows that it is the client would like to buy. The cursor to choose the products ordered, put them on a tray and serve the customer. Instead, he put on the table the full cost of the order, and maybe even leave a little something extra. If you carry out the order is inaccurate, we can only rely on the meager amount that does not allow the game to make a profit and cafes thrive. And if it's too delay execution of the order, the customer will go hungry at all, and the cashier will not get a single coin. Games for Girls restaurants offer a wide range of menus, and therefore is to prepare meals in advance, because this process takes time, which is not to be missed when all the tables in the facility will be occupied by customers, and each of them will eagerly sniffing and threaten to leave. Some games allow you to cook in a restaurant with just one click, choosing the right course, and waiting for it automatically appears on the table of orders. In other simulations have consistently do all the action. So, if you want to cook a cake, you have to bake the cake and, cream and pour over it, and put in a box. The money generated in the process of a cafe, very important for the further development of the institution. Many games are available at lower levels only a few items from the entire menu. Selling them, you can buy additional equipment and offer customers new goodies. Online games restaurants are often created with the tasks of earnings on separate days. If you fail to dial the desired amount of such rounds have to replay again. Games restaurants and cafes offer to choose a very diverse institution. This may be an Italian pizzeria, burgernaya American, Japanese sushi restaurant or a shop with Chinese noodles. There is also a very specific cafes - in them, for example, you can feed hamsters, penguins, Indians, zombies. Fans of cartoons are here to meet Sponge Bob or a Smurf. Ready to feed the computer customers and get a serious virtual money?

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