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Times change, and the fact that only a few years ago it seemed making progress, it is now gathering dust in the attic as a useless and outdated junk. Fortunately or unfortunately, but the age of sixteen bit consoles gone forever, not having the development of the technological advances of our time. While this is true, but deep down, we would love to ponostalgirovali about old times and spent a few hours on a long-forgotten but once-hot favorite games of our childhood and youth. For one of them, no doubt, has left a vivid impression in the minds of many gamers nineties, of course, is a simple game called Contra. Remember how you were going together with my best friend in front of a TV with a cathode-ray tube, which mercilessly soot high frequency signal Chinese counterpart consoles Sega mega drive. And they could not stop playing Kontra until strict parents come home and start checking their homework in math. Contra was one of those cherished games that you can play together at the same time, mercilessly shooting enemies with machine guns. Playing this game, did not have to wait in line, because the command was given to passing a level much easier. Play the game Contra on set-top box was a real pleasure, and sometimes we even sacrificed the opportunity to run the ball on the school football in battles between amateur teams, because in order to get the next level, it was necessary to overcome the main boss and quit the case for half way does not work. Now, of course, do not have to find those boxes and those special friends with whom even the sea of ​​electronic games were to the knees. But to indulge in the sweet memories of a happy childhood ¬ ¬ it is still possible, by writing the name in a search engine once beloved game Contra. Play Contra Online - this solution to the problem of time is the answer to the frantic pace of technological development. You can not even install the simulator Dandy or Segui on your computer and just play the contry in the online mode if you have access to the Internet. Suddenly, who did not even remember what the contra - a game about brave men who challenged the whole hordes of enemies, believe in yourself and do not have not a drop of fear. In the hands of these characters are not toy pistols and real guns. Passing level after level, try dodging all the shots flying in your direction. At the end of each level there is a super boss, whose destruction, you will pass on to the next mission.

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Contra games online for free

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