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Bear panda named Po from the animated film "Kung Fu Panda" has become so popular that it is now the image can be found everywhere, including in the many computer games. Here he basically demonstrates the art of kung fu, fighting dangerous opponents. For example, the gamer controls the stout hero in the struggle against the powerful snow leopard Tai Lung. You need to make your character constantly move quickly and tirelessly to strike so as not to give the enemy time to answer a devastating lunge. Before you enter into a decisive battle with the main enemy, you can spend a few training battles. Very useful in the battle with Master Shifu, which shows many of the techniques and learn to use inner strength. A good idea to go through special training on simulators, developing agility. For example, to move around the court with geysers, skillfully dodging the flow of steam and collecting important artifacts. Panda in the training takes care of his body, trying to develop the muscles and remove excess fat. To this end, he turns the hoop in his belly, and the player helps him not to drop it on the floor. To do this, click on the arrow, guided prompts on the screen. By training continues until mistakes are made. When the hero feels ready, he can enter the ring against fighters of the Furious Five. Will Panda Master Tigress win or Master Viper? Combat skills come in handy bear, when the virtual world faces a terrible threat - zombies are attacking peaceful settlement, and only the master of kung fu will be able to save sentient beings. Games konfu panda - is not only a desperate battle. There are also exciting race in which cartoon characters are seated on the bike and compete in speed on the track with obstacles. They have to jump across the gap and down the steep hills. Gamers can choose a character and win with it in the event of multiple races. Sometimes panda with no one to compete with or engaged in the delivery of noodles on a cart of his father-goose. It is important not to lose the way of any one plate and not tip over clumsy cart. Games online panda konfu - it's also numerous puzzles. For example, in the scenes from the movie various hidden objects, and gamers need to find and collect them. This can be numbers, letters of the alphabet or lost items panda. Images with cartoon characters are used in virtual puzzles, coloring in and games with finding differences ... Games Kung Fu Panda 2 are for learning - for example, they can learn fast printing on the keyboard. There is also a sports game featuring cartoon characters: Master of Kung Fu is playing basketball or baseball.

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Confucius Online Games Panda free

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