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Space disease affects all the boys, and many maintain it into adulthood. Even before a person has conquered space, he was always thinking and wondering - what is there among the stars, and how these lights look closely. The first cosmonaut - Yuri Gagarin, only slightly opened the curtain of heaven to people, but even that was enough to newborn boys polls were called after him, but when they were growing up, that their natural desire was to become an astronaut. Dreams, dreams. Childhood fantasies rarely come true, and there is only space enthusiastically read fiction, watch movies on relevant topics, and today more and play online games space. In the seventies, on the screens out saga of "Space War" and captured the hearts of even those who have never been particularly fond of the cosmos. There are various trends and directions. For example, the consequence of such worship was a new religious movement "dzhedaizm" American project was in the public name "IDF - Star Wars." There was a kind of fencing - saberfayting, stood out in the film sub-genre of space fiction, began to open clubs fans who staged reconstruction from Star Wars. In the shops there were toys that resemble swords, blasters, masks, capes and toy robots. When the first space-based online games, they have won fame, and their developers - thanks. The current proposals games in this genre offer challenging projects to create their own planets and civilizations. Now anyone can become a God that has its own universe. From a tiny grain of sand revive world inhabited by intelligent beings. To the planet, or more, to compete with terrestrial civilization needs, enhance their knowledge of creatures, build science labs and military bases for protection. When kosmity become smart enough, they will conquer the space, making the first timid steps, but soon settled into the new space and move forward in their progress. Finding the other inhabited planets, they will fight them or establish diplomatic and trade relations. To be the very useful and interesting, extract minerals, farmed and organize the production of goods. But if the planet was aggressive, then collect warships and go flying on her conquest. Battles will be developed in heaven and on earth. Take captive aliens, and do not forget to find out from them the secrets of weapons and scientific discoveries. A possible diplomatic negotiations will bring long-awaited peace, and you do not have to spend money on additional weapons. Playing the game ships, you will manage them. The military is quite heavy, but they have a light capsules for mass attacks. They are like bees - fast and easy to maneuver in a stream of fire, and are hard to get, while they themselves are able to inflict significant damage. You can become a lone wolf space, pirate, attacking on the traders or to command a fleet of space ships. If tired of the war, becoming a stellar laboratory where scientists are working and looking for new knowledge. Or, perhaps, the role of the merchant rare goods you prefer, then your mission to visit many planets, looking for rarities. You choose the space simulator with realistic design or flash game, in any case you will see the space. It does not matter that he is a figment of imagination of developers. You can start small, with time to see the vast, stretching to the horizon.

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