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Games Doll - is a virtual version of every girl's favorite toys. Dolls have always been faithful companion for young ladies. Just trust her terrible secrets and mysteries of the heart. It could always be relied on and do not be afraid that the secret will be revealed. Doll - is a silent friend, companion, sister, daughter. Playing with dolls, girls imagine themselves adults and seating doll at the table, playing with her in the school or daughters and mothers. And going for a walk and taking along a doll, they put her under the weather, choosing his outfit. Doll Games - a kind of rehearsal for adult life. Communicating with the doll, the owner may scold her, thinking that she'd done something bad or praise for good behavior. Watching as your daughter is behaving with a doll, you will see your own model of behavior in relation to it, and this is a great way to analyze their behavior and possibly fix. Doll - is the oldest toy and for generations, it has undergone many transformations. It was made of straw, clay, wood, rags, thread, porcelain, plastic. Dolls made of wax even, but mostly for the rituals. Dolls are not designed for gaming and adorn the interior. The same now applies to antique dolls with porcelain faces and hands, which once played our grandmothers and which remained in the family as an heirloom. These dolls remember different times and seemed preserved the memory of our ancestors. They turned into a cohesive invisible thread that connects generations for centuries and turning a special value. During the Council of their impersonal, becoming mass produce identical and standard bobblehead dolls, which did not provide for additional wardrobe. Today's dolls regained brightness, they have names, clothing and related items, and there is even a Barbie bride - Ken. Bratz dolls and Moxie - a series of girlfriends who never boring, because their lives are filled with events. Modern dolls have become so diverse and popular that they have been removed and the art cartoons, as well as creating computer games dolls. In modern girls appeared diversity and leisure has become more interesting. Now, do not play with dolls can only mire real but imaginary. This is where you will find many trendy, modern, beautiful dresses for all occasions. Picking up the virtual girlfriend costume, go with her on a trip to the beach, a disco, a date, a picnic, play a sport. Barbie loves to transform and change professions. It often acts as flight attendants, nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers. Or may try to dress for Halloween, Christmas, the day Patrick. Games dolls - this beauty salons, where you will make styling or haircut will face in order with face masks, make beautiful makeup, polish nails and cover them with lacquer. And, you can go to the factory and the most collected dolls for himself a girlfriend. By moving individual parts of the tape, and you have to select them to connect them together. Or you can do to build a doll house in which to enjoy life with your pet. And because the doll is almost girls, they love to party, dance and sing. To arrange for them a musical evening, pick up a piano song and play it. Along with the dolls can ride horses, bicycles, cook delicious meals, solve puzzles and search for items. You can even become a witch and ride a unicorn with Prince. Why not?

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