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Today we have the opportunity to play a variety of games by a computer. But even if this miracle of technology, we still did not have a lack of logical, cognitive and gambling was not felt. On pieces of paper unfolded kids tank and sea battles, tic-tac-toe, the gallows (the word), and in newspapers and magazines, they were offered puzzles, crosswords, lines connecting the dots and mazes. There were toys and pocket - Tetris, Rubik's cube, "electronics", as well as games mazes, where you had to drive the metal ball at its center, and then output back to top toys. Now, people in urban transport, to brighten up your way, play electronic games on mobile phones, but before they were replaced with similar toys. They have become an integral part of our lives on recreational, and because of their appearance on the PC monitor is justified. Moreover, this maze game, along with racing and card games were pioneers who have made the first steps in the development of the gaming industry. Surely you remember the game Pacman, where in the maze had to manage the yellow ball, eating everything in its path. But chasing after him like creatures osminozhek which threaten yellow roundels. If you do not manage to get away from these octopuses, they have eaten. The game was pretty simple, but fascinated for hours. The first game did not differ special grace of any graphics or voice acting, no story line. It looked flat, but because we still had nothing to compare, we have received from these games no less pleasure than is realistic from today's game products. As the game maze thoroughly settled down in our lives, and the Internet, it makes no sense to abandon them, and today on this topic created options. There are new ideas, and now mazes have hazards and obstacles. On the way you will encounter monsters, suddenly opening hatches, flying spikes, toxic plants, debris, dead ends. But where there is a barrier there, and a way to avoid it. As an auxiliary tool in the way you come across axes, swords, keys, bombs, fire and lighting facilities, which should be selected to take advantage of the right moment. The main thing is not only the speed and agility of movement during the chase, but the thinking and logic to calculate their travel in advance. In the modern game there are different versions of the game maze. Some will move you like in the past when the graph was mainly pixel, while in others you will discover the beauty of the world volume. Plots are designed the same way. The game of the Minotaur you manage knight who must pass through the labyrinth and meet with the mythological creature and beat it. You will not see the whole maze entirely, but only a part, lit as you go. In the maze you will find torches, shields, swords, keys, doors, magic potions that will help you in your mission. The control is keyboard keys. In combat you do not participate, but only observe the fait accompli of victory or defeat. Gore also did not, and the graphics similar to the first computer games. In other games you will be invited money maze, collecting coins on levels hold the robot on the grid circuit, like a maze, but in space can control the spacecraft, carrying it on the star paths. Children are entertained with cartoon characters, and adult gamers to plunge into the mysterious and dangerous atmosphere of ruined cities, pyramids, caves and subconscious.

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