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If the TV shows the masterpiece, you can be sure that he will soon make the plot of a computer game, and not just one. A similar phenomenon has already become a tradition, and it would be strange if suddenly animated feature "Ice Age", which was released March 15, 2002 in America, there were no games Ice Age 3 (Dawn). She came out July 30, 2009. But two weeks before her appearance, the audience warmed up the demo version, igniting excitement and impatience to get to the toys. Game developers have tried to keep the basic idea of ​​the original, his sparkling humor and appearance characters themselves. From the first minutes of the game, it becomes clear that this is a really good product. Sid demonstrates the plasticity of movement and the whole range of feelings and emotions on his muzzle, making us smile. Moving through the locations, it collects berries that catch in his way, and to get to some, he has to use force, intelligence, and sometimes arrogance. To get a pair of cherries, it shake out every hole, nest, home krotoezhiki. Some fruits and berries frozen into the ice, and get them just will not work. Because when you run near the ice cave and see the fire burning, bring a torch to melt the permafrost and get useful vitamins, bringing gaming glasses. Playing in the ice age 3 game, try not to miss any of the fruit, because they are still trading. The store turtle trader Tony will find you a lot of useful stuff: crystals, excellent cell, increasing the level of health and all sorts of things to improve. Prices can not be called Tony accessible, and therefore to pay a visit to him for the purchase, you must have a good supply of fruit and berry picking. If cherries not particularly valuable, are one apple is five cherry and pear whole fifty. Play Ice Age 3 just will not seem boring and monotonous. You will visit the small valleys and snow-covered jungles, caves of ice and other spectacular locations. Accompanied by a change of scenery and a change-managed hero. In addition to Sid, you will meet other characters. Tiger Diego tries to catch up with the deer, but without success. However, communication with the tiger will not last as a mammoth Manfred. But the squirrel Scrat floor given much more attention. This mysterious creature desperately hard and fighting for their prey, do not stand on ceremony with rivals. After it appeared on the scene Buck. His passion is no less daunting, and fearlessness with which it operates, even cause fear for the health of others. He spit again travel the dinosaur, forcing him to beat his head against the wall. Another time, he stammers blue mushroom feet to shake out of his coveted cherries, shoot a bazooka-flower other enemies by throwing snowballs at them and poisonous fungus that cause loss of consciousness. Even pterodactyl nestrashen him and he sat on it, from the heights to shell the enemy. As you can see, the ice age online games are designed in such a way that as you progress through all the time you find yourself in a new place and communicate with different characters, making the variety. But in order to get acquainted with these fun characters, we recommend to start with the Ice Age 2 game, which was released in 2006 and is called "Global Warming." It Scrat fell off the cliff and fell to prehistoric animals to the water park, where his incredible adventures began.

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