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Animated film "Madagascar" was the basis for a number of computer games. The original, as well as their followers play, the audience liked tenacious humor and original story. In New York's Central Park Zoo animals live an exciting and fulfilling life. Friends of Marty, Alex, Gloria, Melman and the four penguins who imagine themselves to be warriors and surprise her restlessness, only seem common beasts. Starting in Madagascar to play online, you get to know them better and take part in fun and fantastic adventure that has no end. Zebra Martin constantly in the clouds, giraffe Melman always complaining about their health, begemotiha Gloria - the lady in the body and very good-natured, if not reach, and the smug lion Alex would like to live in the wild. In fact he once lived there, but now can not remember anything, though, and tries to restore the gaps in memory. But the other animals have never ran across the expanses of wilderness, because the walls were born in the zoo and they feel it is in his element. They are quite happy with this kind of life, because for them, well looked after, fed and guarded their fill. But if all of them seem to care-free life, the restless Four penguins (Private, Kowalski, Rico and Skipper) is constantly suspected plots and carries out military action. Their development has led to unexpected consequences, and in the end, everything does not happen as originally planned. Madagascar 4 game teaches new ways to surprise and plot development. Every time dealing with funny characters, you pick yourself up and energizing. You can control different characters and pass the mission with them. They each have their own abilities, which help to deal with a particular problem and situation. For example, Alex the Lion roar scare their enemies, Melman the giraffe and a good command of the ball flies, helping in certain situations to overcome long distances and water surfaces. Gloria excellent swims and runs well, and Martin hit by a zebra hooves and anyone can just drive the nail head. Do not forget about the narcissistic lemur King Julian, who loves to dance and all that he worshiped. Just open up another toy and start playing Madagascar 2, picking up all the coins and buying them in a store utility "Duty Free" or catch the monkeys at the levels, "Rite of Passage", "Watering", "The Hunt for the SUV," "Welcome to Africa - Monkey Rock, "" Romancing for Gloria, "" Underwater caves "and" Dancing on a volcano. " If you're quick and show agility, able to pick up all the coins in 1600 and catch 100 monkeys. And games online Madagascar variety of processes are built into the scenes mini toys with different assignments. Along with the penguins you will participate in road racing, fighting with snowman, not to steal fish gulls, skydive, take the boys tasty nuts and make new plans, only to bring them to life. Madagascar 3 games open up new opportunities and are swept into a new adventure. You can find out to whom the inhabitants of the zoo you are like passing the appropriate tests, add image puzzles, paint a black-and-white images, to find the objects, the differences and the same parts. Or just have some fun, frightening zoo visitors until they see you. Madagascar game - a guarantee of good cheer and merriment. Just run any game, and you'll see how quickly the bloom on your face and smile for a long time did not leave him after the game.

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