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Cartoon race car Lightning Makvin is very common in computer games. Sometimes he gets there the main character, and sometimes its a great name attracts gamers to fellow wheelbarrows. It was released two cartoon with Makvinom. In the first part of "Cars" Makvin stuck in the town of Radiator Springs and could not get to an important race. A similar situation happened to them in the virtual reality - he flew into a ditch. Only one-Maitre repairman can help the hero: the game will need to control his cock, throwing the hook and trying to catch lightning. The town of Radiator Springs had not the best of times - the main route went around the settlement of local residents and the business was on the verge of bankruptcy. In the cartoon Lightning Makvin helped throughout the city, and gamers can support life wheelbarrows in computer games. For example, holding the control tire store to shoe cartoonish servos fresh tires. In the story of the first cartoon in the vicinity of Radiator Springs desert stretches, and there are cars like spending competition. Gamers can take part in these races, taking over the management of Makvinom and helping him pick up speed on the straights, enter the turns at a good trajectory, gently overtake competitors. Computer games, on the basis of the second part of the cartoon on wheelbarrows, repeat the story of the spy stories - an unscrupulous billionaire decided to discredit cleaner cooking fuels and earn even more fortune on new oil wells. But a team of spies, which has played a significant role truck Mater, while racing with Makvina destroy these dastardly plans and helped avoid disaster. Adventure shown in the games are very realistic. You can take control of a wheelbarrow with a variety of spy devices that help keep track of the wicked, as well as to neutralize a lot of aggressive opponents. Gamers can travel to many locations, and complete various missions. One of the favorite pastimes of Lightning Makvina and his pal Mater - scare silly tractor on the field, and the games can also do it. By controlling the Lightning, turn signal and a loud wake tractor so that he toppled over in fright! The difficulty is that the typewriter-chased by an angry laugh mega-tractor, and not to fall under its wheels, you need time to jump over all the obstacles on the way. In some games Makvin gets himself into trouble and he should be freed from the clutches of the insidious attacks. For this purpose it is with the help of computer machines to overcome several fascinating levels, fighting villains and collecting artifacts. If you love cars, try to play Makvin in this section of our site!

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