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At a time when many games as time goes into oblivion, the other after a short lull to discover new horizons appear to us in a refreshed and re-gaining momentum in popularity. Mario games have long been familiar to us, but now perceived quite differently. Planar graph is still present, but is adjacent to the bulk versions. But the remains of the original soundtrack, and heard her, it's hard to make a mistake in her accessories. Today Mario is available to play online for free. It is a real privilege for experienced gamers, as they spared the financial issues. The game belongs to the genre of brodilok and platformers. But today, this list has become wider, and Mario has appeared in the sports category, in quests and fights. It does not cease to fight the enemies and overcome obstacles. In front of him there are cliffs, he jumps. Mountains that he climbs. Movable stage on which he rides. He is not afraid of poisonous mushrooms, creeping plants, halloween, bats, and the other to attack. On the way there and useful things, which at the time of collection bring him game points and a super power: useful mushrooms, stars, bubbles, coin. After securing one of the artifacts, it becomes invulnerable, increases in size, can pass through objects, takes remarkable strength and other abilities. All of these effects are temporary, so you should take the time to get done as much action until the power of the artifact has not finished its influence. Having started to play Mario online for free, you'll be able to assess the effect of each subject and learn about many others. The classic version of the game gave way to the plumber other stories about him. Mario learned all the charm of the modern world and can now be seen during Halloween, fighting monsters. Modern military equipment for his patients is not taboo, and it is easy to learn control of a tank, manned by plane or airship, save Christmas and Santa, sent to the development of distant lands of Egypt and conquering Mars travels around the dinosaurs, killing zombies, playing golf, basketball, volleyball, football, takes part in the race. Each sport they mastered and applied in practice. He jumps rope with the girls, fly, jump, run. During racing competitions can be seen on a motorcycle, bicycle, truck, car, or skiing, skating, ice skating. A meeting with the equally popular character - Sonic the hedgehog, became regular and habitual. Together they reflect enemy attacks, each wielding their capabilities. Mario Games Online entertain you without getting tired. After the ordeal of saving the virtual population, he goes to the kitchen and make candy or masters the restaurant business. Surely you remember his brother Mario - Luigi. Together they rescued the princess in a series of games and got along with each other. But even among brothers sometimes misunderstandings happen and now Mario is running after her brother that he slapped cuffs. The good news can be constantly repeated, and so once again remind you that you can play Mario games for free. Go with him to the dense jungle, go down to the sea bed, get up high in the mountains, or even higher - into space. He's never boring, and there is always a feat, emotions, incredible adventures. Getting hold of gold jewelry, catch fish for dinner, to save his princess, cut down the jungle - all on the shoulder brave plumber Super Mario.

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