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Even if you are not burdened by a sense of humor - do not understand jokes, do not take a joke, do not know how to crack jokes, even in this very difficult case, you will be able to appreciate the comic charismatic, angular, ungainly girl Masyanya. Its not called a beauty - sparse hairs on his head sticking out in all directions, short T-shirt shows a lack of waist and opens yubchonka far from perfect legs. But she never discouraged, fun, gets involved in adventures and always gets into trouble, and are selected by unscathed. The official birthday Masjani considered to be October 22, 2001 That same day, Oleg Kuravlev - author of short animated films about Masyanya, created a website and put there all series o newborn, although the cartoon was released a full year before the opening of its dedicated web page. At first cartoons were distributed by e-mail to get the attention of people to the site. When Leonid Parfenov began to show the series in its program "The Other Day" Masyanya zazvezdilsya all over the country and the project, which was first an amateur, has grown into a professional and they took up shop "cartoon. Ru ". Next to Masyanya always her faithful friends - Fuzzy c Hryundelem. This close-knit trio in 2008 c TV screens removed on PC monitors, keeping the identity of graphics and story line. In more casual quest "Masjanja under the yellow press", the main character acts as a journalist, a year later appeared in the arcade business "Masjanja and beach troubles" and the quest "Masjanja give Africa", in 2011, left the game "Masjanja. Eurotrip », a today it has expanded its scope of activities and has become a real star of the Internet space. Masyanya still makes her laugh with jokes and antics. Her recognizable voice comments incisive, laconic phrases all the action. Start Masyanya Africa to play in full now, to see how a pleasure to deal with this girl. Together with friends, she goes in search of treasure - diamonds hidden somewhere in the desert of Namibia. A long way, and there is no money. But when did that ever stop adventurers and adventurers? In addition to the main storyline, the game has a mini-tasks that must take place in order to move on. Starting to play, you can choose the level of a beginner or a professional. In the second case, play harder, but this process is just more interesting. If in the course of passing the need to switch to a beginner, you will always be able to do it. In this case, the tips will recover faster, and you'll see a list of items that must be found. Here you can play all the games Masyanya free. Together with the heroine, you will learn different trades and can even become a DJ and a business woman. Masyanya never a good boy, but sometimes it turns into a real thorn and then becomes a target for shooting. If you are not afraid, open up games for girls Masjanja. Speaking of business, bring you the games and beach Masjanja troubles. When all the people go on vacation, too, want to take off somewhere nA sea. But again the same problem - no money. But Masjanja and then found a way out - she organized a business on the beach selling drinks and barbecue. And to cronies are firm without a job, she made them as waiters. Now they are taking orders, spreading them and clean beach. And that did not show displeasure Masjanja pays them a gym and swimming pool. That is guaranteed to lift your mood for the day, play games online Masjanja!

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