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We think that we control our own lives, commit acts that entail others, the aroma, taste, touch, pain. We meet up with friends, go to work, school, play sports, relax in nature, are jumping on the disco. We fall in love, happy, and sad about parting. All that we call reality and our belief in it is inseparable. What else? - You think. After all, what's going on, have consequences and bear fruit or disappointment. But remember their most realistic dreams. In them you will also perform certain actions, everything that happens seems to be true, and even evokes emotions. It was only after waking, it is clear that all of this you dreamed. So where is this confidence that you will not go to sleep now? Maybe everything that happens to you, inspired by your subconscious mind or someone else, and you never know reality. Or maybe you yourself are part of someone else's dream? Think about it. Such thinking is likely to come to mind and the Wachowski brothers - writers and directors the movie "The Matrix", which was released on America March 31, 1999 and was the first of a trilogy, and also served as the basis for the creation of comic books, anime and computer versions of the game matrix . The film develops the idea of ​​the future, where cars stopped listening to people and not only heal your mind, and subdued all the living. They have become the masters of the human race, plunging them into a fake sleep and creating for them a matrix - the illusion of real life, but the electrical impulses person was used as a source of energy. But there are people who have managed to escape from captivity sleepy and among them, the hacker Neo. Freed from the world of dreams, they organize opposition rebellious machines. This idea is not new, but is presented in a rather unusual way. Films made at once to talk about himself and computer designers gave an excellent material for creating your own products. In 2003, Shiny Entertainment released a single player game Matrih the Enter key, which is consonant with the reboot and Animatrix - small collection of anime on the story of the Matrix. Here are the starring Ghost and Niobe - minor characters series Reboot. Gamer chooses who he wants to run, and each character has unique characteristics, which determines the course of events. Characters intersect here a few times, and then run a second computer. Found in the game and Morpheus with Neo and you will easily recognize them by their external appearance. MMORPG genre gives the game The Matrix Online from publisher Sega / Warner Bros Interactive. It will explore the four districts of the city - Wasteland, the slums, the International District and Downtown. By controlling your hero, you will gradually improve it, and the plot is reminiscent of the movie and has to change the world by creating their own history. Single-user 3D shooter game The Matrix: Path of Neo, of Shiny Entertainment, released in 2005. It is also consonant with the basic idea of ​​artistic trilogy and gamers will be able to control himself Neo, passing the task and mission. They will have a whole arsenal of the game, including the fight against mechanized intelligence, passing the job and the desire to achieve the goal, the accumulation of game points and improve the characteristics of your character. In addition, the game matrix is ​​also a flash game, where the game can be activated immediately and pass it quickly. Can not do without fighting and individual assignments. This option is perfect if a little time to play, but the subject has attracted.

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