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Walt Disney is known around the world. Her cinematic products and characters are remembered for a long time, and is worth seeing that another cartoon filmed by the company, there is no doubt that lay ahead moments of fun, joy and enthusiasm. One of the successful projects is the image of Mickey Mouse's, which became the hallmark of the studio. It was first introduced in May 1928 and until 1947 was talking voice Walt Disney himself - the founder of the studio. Since 1947, Walt was forced to concede that right Jimmy MacDonald because of his persistent cough. Next, c 1977 to 2009, Mickey voice Wayne Allwine Mausa. The first animated cartoon "Mad plane" with Mickey, did not seem interesting and because some of the source tend to the conclusion that the little mouse in November 1928, when, a series of "steamer Willie." Mickey's career did not develop as rapidly as it may seem today. The real breakthrough came later, but when it happened, his face was familiar and there were things in his portrait - hats, shirts, bags, mugs, baby furniture and other goods. About a kind and funny little mouse filmed full-length cartoons, drawn in comic books, but with the advent of computers, and there were Mickey Mouse game. Each goodie have friends with whom he passes the test, or just having fun. Next to it you will see his sweetheart Minnie Mouse and Goofy, Pluto, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Pete, Chip and Dale. They get along very well c friend and always help out of difficult situations. Disney's family of not only entertains, and educates the children patriotism, love of sports, healthy lifestyle, the ability to distinguish right from wrong and teaches other moral values. Online Games Mickey Mouse retain the idea of ​​Walt Disney and doing stories about a little mouse and his friends the same positive. Quite a few stories associated with sports and with Mickey you're racing, playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, air hockey and other outdoor games. You are waiting for the obstacles and new records. Becoming a detective, you have to find all the pictures of Mickey in the city streets that hide in the crowd of other Disney characters. Along with it you will learn how to quickly solve math examples, puzzles, will be able to travel to different countries and help the little mouse does not fall from the experience. And once in a virtual kitchen in the cafe, along with Minnie you prepare meals and deliver them to Mickey. If you can work harmoniously, will achieve great results, earning decent money. Since the release of the first black-and-white cartoon series "Mad plane" was a little less than a century, but we suggest to revive the history and play a computer version of his debut. Help Mickey airplane control and avoid falling from the sky torn shoes and bricks, and collect bonuses and detonate roadside bombs. Mikimaus online games can be a creative twist. Here is a picture drawn in outline, and you need to return them to full color. Cheerful friends Mickey and he stood frozen in various poses and waiting for you to relive their colors. Imagine yourself an artist working on the creation of images, and turn fantasy. You can restore from memory all of the original color and apply them on a virtual canvas, and you can come up with his own version, and become the creator. Also available independently draw a picture before you paint it, and then print it. And if you touch the hat Mickey, you will find a small piece of the cartoon.

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