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Even if a person does not belong to the mercantile persons, he will never give up your cash account a couple of million or so. Whatever argued that money - is evil, but they open up many opportunities. Today it is nothing is free, and then have to pay for everything. Even education is directly dependent on the solvency of the person. With financial stability, it is possible to carry out interesting and informative vacation rentals, travel the world. Every area of ​​our life requires investment, and because the human desire to have enough money, it is quite understandable and clear. You can make money or win by participating in sweepstakes and intellectual games. Similar games are public and therefore belong to the genre shows. We all know the TV show "Field of Dreams" and "O Lucky Man! . " In the early days of their appearance, they were especially popular, and many of them are eager to get into. It was possible this is not for everyone, and so for those who want to try their hand in a hard fight for a million, have created virtual versions of games. Now everyone can play online millionaire by just using a toy on your computer. Fun, at the same time you check the luggage of his knowledge, and finding gaps can always make them by looking in an encyclopedia or a book. In online mode, you hone your erudition and learn how to analyze and find the right answers quickly. For the first time the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? "Came on NTV in 1999, but the original name of« Who wants to be a millionaire? "Was changed to" O Lucky Man! "But we offer, how to become a millionaire playing our game website. Rules of the game and saved for you is not difficult to understand the principles of management. Appearance is also repeats a television studio, creating the illusion of studio shooting. You will fifteen questions, each of which is prepared by four choices, where only one true and your job is to find it. For warming up, the game starts with simple questions to set you on a positive mood and add their self-esteem. But soon the task will be really difficult. If you do not know how to answer, do not worry - the person can not know everything. To put you out of the predicament, as aid is encouraged to seek the help of the audience, call a friend, or choose to 50-50. In the latter case, the two wrong answers simply disappear from the field, and you will choose from the remaining two. On the call to a friend you set aside thirty seconds and you should contact them to have time to clarify the situation. It is also not helping the hall. In this case, the audience in the studio, vote for the response, which, in their opinion, correct. Then displays the result. The answer that scored the highest number of votes, perhaps, is the correct one. But in your power to accept or reject, issuing his own. Each successful answer brings you money. All questions are divided into levels and a cost. If you pass all the stages of the game and answer all of the questions you will be able to win the coveted million and rightfully call himself an intellectual. The beauty of a virtual game that y you have the option to start it again, no matter on what subject you've stumbled. At the time when adult players will enjoy the realism of what is happening, the children will be able to play to become a millionaire in a modified form, adapted for them, but with the preservation of the original rules.

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Millionaire game online for free

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