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When there is a war to win all good. To improve her chances, throwing the country's vast resources on the development of military technology, trying to invent something that has not in other states. Such developments are kept a closely guarded secret, but spies are trying to get plans and schemes of the latest research. Each new combat unit raises the country's authority in the eyes of its developer potential enemy. The state that is armed better than their neighbors, terrifying and makes the opponent think before he makes a final decision about the attack. Construction of tanks in 1915 approved just three countries at the same time - Russia, France, and England. A year later came the first batch of the British battle tanks in the Mark I. 100. They were of two types - "male" and "female". The "male" were guns on the side bolsters, while the "female" only guns. When it appeared that the "female" are ineffective in battle, they have changed by setting the machine gun on the left side and the right gun. This led to jokes, and the soldiers quickly dubbed the modification of "hermaphrodite". Development of tank development began from the time of the First World War, and the word "tank", comes from the English tank, which translated means "tank", "tank", "tank". The name was not chosen randomly, but to the conspiracy. The fact is that when transported to the front batch of tanks, counterintelligence Britain provoked rumors that the Russian government ordered their fuel tanks. Then the shape and size of this technique is quite consistent with this definition, and the tanks themselves have made the Russian-language label: "Caution. Petrograd. " In the very same Russian tank initially called the "tub", which may be another version of the translation of the English tank. First Mark I. tanks were in action September 15, 1916 against the German armies on the River Somme. During the battle appeared all the shortcomings of tanks and forty-nine cars that were to advance, were suitable only thirty two, as seventeen of them had a different problem. During the fight, five cars were stuck in the swamp, and in nine technical problems occurred during the events. But even the remaining eighteen pushed the line of defense for five miles, and its losses were reduced to twenty times. It was clear that the future of the tanks, and they demoralize the enemy better than any numerical infantry. Since then, the tank is constantly improved, adapted it to various conditions of the area was fitted with a gunshot power, reinforced armor, raised the cross. Realistic computer simulations provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the first models, leading them on the field of battle and the most to learn all the nuances of their management and combat capabilities. But along with the "primitive" tanks, and you will find the latest designs. The gradual evolution turn tanks displayed in these games and allows you to select the proper mission - fighting the battle, is displayed in the stories. Online Games World of Tanks - this variety of subjects from simple to the most complex. If you do not have time to go into a virtual world that reproduces reality, refer to the mini games where the player is put in front of goal, to destroy as many enemy targets, walk the labyrinth, out of captivity. Or paint the tank or fold it out of the puzzle is just the same activity that will provide entertainment and satisfy the interest of the military equipment. In our section we have picked up different versions of games to suit everyone's taste.

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