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To manage fashion shop is not easy, even if everything happens in a game of reality. But extremely exciting - gamer sets up shop, meet customers, offering them the right clothes, takes care of their contentment, earning virtual money and expands the reach of your business. When the client is shown on the doorstep store, no need to waste time unnecessarily, and is immediately forward it to the fitting room, bring the necessary clothes, pack purchase and take the money at the box office. The faster customers served, the higher the reputation of the store, and the more money people will spend on buying it. When fitting all busy, you still need to take customers by sending them to the coffee table, a comfortable lounge chair. Making a profit, you can buy additional equipment such as a coffee machine - with it customers will be much more patient, and you can do the work of his shop a more measured and effective. Play online fashion boutique 2 can be in the flash version of this toy. Here are a gamer should perform daily rate of earnings, and if at the end of the working day at the store checkout will not be enough dollars, this round will have to replay again. Going up through the levels toys, gamer can open up new opportunities in the boutique: expand the range of goods, hire staff, open new offices. Fans of fun trendy boutique 3 will be able to play online in numerous mini-games with similar themes and gameplay. You can become the owner of a clothing store theme, selling, for example, only winter dresses, evening dresses, chic hats. There are toys, which can be sold to juveniles stylish uniforms, open a boutique shoes, boots and other footwear. Some of the trendy shops of the game world do not sell clothes, and, for example, flowers. Gamers must clearly fulfill the requests of buyers that they were satisfied with the color, size and shape of the bouquet. Game 2 Play trendy boutique makes it possible to virtual amateurs emo, picking them suitable for jeans, T-shirts, pins. Or take care of different outfits doll beauties, making them even more elegant and attractive. In most of these games are very similar operation - enough to wield just left click the mouse to perform all actions. A bit more difficult to deal with not one store, and a large shopping mall, or drive sales on a huge ocean liner. It employs several boutiques and gamer must simultaneously keep track of all that each of them bring a decent profit, and is constantly evolving. Able to create the most successful fashion boutique game world?

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Trendy boutique online games for free

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