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Moxie dolls are for girls aged 9-15 years and the slogan of this series of toys: "Be natural, be yourself." This inspiring message of that underlies computer toys with Moxie. Most often, virtual girly implement it through the stylish dresses, showing their individuality in clothing. For example, the doll becomes a motorcyclist, but before you sit down to a two-wheeled machine, she picks up a decent helmet, amazing jacket, tight pants. Moxie in the virtual world eagerly participate in sports, because they know that the system designed exercise can preserve the beauty and health. These pupae are playing volleyball, skateboarding and girl-gamers need to make sure that, even in an intense match and difficult track these beauties have not lost their natural grace and charm. In these games, dress up games is to remember that each class requires suitable clothing and the overall outfit Moxie should be not only pretty, but also convenient. For example, a long skirt may not be suitable for long-distance runner, but it will prove invaluable during a romantic date with a virtual handsome. A petite cap perfectly underline the overall style of MOX tennis, but will look ridiculous during a concert of classical music. Games for girls Moxie often do allow a common wardrobe doll girls, without being tied to a certain event. They gamers can realize their design fantasies, experiment with a combination of styles, colors, pick a dress that I would like to put in the real world. In these games offered a very wide range of different clothes. Usually, it is divided into categories, so you consistently pick up various parts of attire, a harmonious blend blouses, shorts, skirts, T-shirts. Often in toys with Moxie also need to care about hair virtual dolls. You can give her hair even the most intricate form, try different shades of color. Of course, it is necessary not to forget about stylish accessories and cute jewelry. Handbags, necklaces, hairpins, sunglasses and more perfectly complement the look of Moxie, will help highlight its natural beauty and mood. Games with Moxie - it's also a hidden object puzzles, coloring books, and many other fun stuff. Moxie dolls are always happy to play with her friends and look forward to meeting in a virtual reality. We collected toys with Moxie in this section of the site. Can pick up doll outfit that will make her even more beautiful? Ready to try different styles and create something new and original?

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