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School years wonderful. They are rich not only in rote learning objects, but also pranks, games, fun. The current younger generation seems to share their time with their parents and the changes that they have all different - other games, hobbies, fashion. This is partly true, but really nothing nA HE has been dramatic, but only transformed into other forms. Children continue to use cribs on a test, but now they are laminated, or in the form of digitized collections of pocket. Fashion returns periodically with a few additions. And books and games have moved to computers, mobile phones and tablets. In tic-tac-toe, word games, city name, Battleship continue to play on notebook sheet, but when there are nearby electronic medium, preference is given to him. This is not only convenient for the kids, but adults have a chance to go back to your childhood and try forgotten feelings wax nostalgic. Our column welcomes all to play in the sea battle online. The familiar version of the paper version presented new ideas. To create a full feeling of the original theme, the game Naval Clash Admiral Edition offers to fight in the naval battle on the field, reminiscent of a page torn from a notebook, and the ships as if drawn with a ballpoint pen. Getting sea battle game online, you will not encounter difficulties adapting. All rights reserved, and the action takes up the original. The game involved two people, but as this computerized version, the second player itself can serve as artificial intelligence. Participants randomly placed its fleet on individual fields. The field is a square 10x10 equilateral cells. On the left side of his mark out the numbers from the top and bottom or left upper side of the tag with the letters A to K. The number of ships as standard: one of the four cells (Four-), two trehkletochnyh (three-deckers), three by two cells each (double-decker) and four ships on the same cell (single-deck). Vessels having more than two cells can be bent at right angles in opposite directions. Their location on the field is kept secret from the enemy, and the shots are made at random, trying to find an opponent navy. For a shot should be called coordinates, focusing on a marking field, such as the A-4. If the move is made successfully, the opponent must announce his ship wounded or sunk. It is still at least one unaffected cell vehicle, it is considered injured when struck by all the cells - he drowned. Whoever made effective progress is eligible for the next shot, but in the case of a miss, the right turn passes to the opponent. Hitting a single cell of another ship, try to make shots heap around her to find the rest of the deck. Who first destroy all enemy ships, tot and won the battle. The game can start again many times, and each time there is excitement, produced tactics honed strategy. There are wonderful online version of the game Battleship, reminiscent of slot machines, which are installed in theaters, so people can play a game before the start of the session. Now, similar battles are taking place in a virtual version of the repetition of the original gameplay. On the horizon are moving ships, and you catch them through the scope on the fly and shoot at the right moment. If the target is hit, the screen flashes red and the ship goes down. During the online game Battleship, you have to knock out as many ships to collect player points.

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Online game Battleship free

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