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On our gaming web site you will easily be able to find games for girls of different directions. But inquiring minds are very popular online games find the items. Secrets and mysteries have always attracted people who has a passion for the hidden knowledge, secrets. Who wants to find the truth and restore the balance of things. The search is always accompanied by adventurers, adventurers and treasure. Indifferent to the detective stories identify with Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot. For real detectives do not have such a history, a tangle of which they do not have hyped. Collecting and studying the evidence for them is akin to entertainment. Recovery of broken notes or pictures of scraps - a puzzle game that is sure to be solved. Challenging the difficulties, the true detectives always find what others can not find the strength. Playing games find the items you will pass the test in different situations. Adventurers will discover the mysterious world of ancient civilizations, after which there were scraps of knowledge. They can still be saved, but you have to be a real ranger, sought to distinguish the dense jungle thickets, among the ruins of the former buildings or in the endless plain and desert sands. Objects are merged with the general background or buried under a pile of rubbish, and only a keen eye can discern their subtle silhouette. Magical stories are filled with special scenery and along with the usual pictures, you will see the amazing splendor of surrealism, phantasmagoria. Tasks in such games relevant to the theme, and you have to restore the balance of four natural elements, brew magical potions, cast spells to help the fairies, driving the invaders out of their land, and perform many other missions. All this is accompanied by a search for artifacts, some objects, manuscripts, stories. Often have to engage in a dialogue, which will open a new direction for you advance in the game, and give clues to the following steps. Find free games are easy, if you go to our game portal. And in order to discuss with friends the most unique, fun games, share them with reference to their discovery. After all, true friendship is when you can not feel sorry and would like to share the best. Examples of this are the heroes of games, you are ready to share their knowledge c. If you get stuck and do not know where to go, virtual assistants will always advise you in the right direction or well hidden object. But to abuse their kindness is not necessary, because helping you, they lose some of their power, which needs time to recover again. At each level, you will have some free tips to use, then have to rely on their own strength. In addition to the adventure, you'll have to find a free game that offers an entirely different direction. To cook the dish, you first need to find all the products and dishes. All this can be in the most unexpected places, so in addition to cabinets and fridge, look down under the bed, on the ceiling and mills. Being late for a date, clothing and jewelry always go somewhere and now they need to search the entire apartment. And in the economic simulations found items can be sold to buy more modern and appropriate. Search for items can be self-game or as part of another genre, but most of all - the quest. Look for - it's always fun, gamble, fun, informative. This brings up the observation, concentration, logical thinking, alertness and ability to analyze.

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