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Wisdom of the East never had a competition, especially in the task of development of mental abilities, strategic thinking and the ability to calculate the moves in advance. In the long backgammon, as with any board game, the decisive factor in winning is not luck, but a well thought strategy. Trained in the game is quite simple, but, in fact, to master the skills of professional skills of building the right strategy can take a fairly long period of time before you become a winning most of the games. It is also an important factor in winning the game of backgammon is your luck. In the game against rookie professional there is one big plus for beginners: even if you do not know all the details, it is still your luck can play a crucial role, and you will get pleasure from a sense of superiority due to win the game! Backgammon Rules long enough simple. Game field called board is divided into four quadrants by six positions each. Starting point in which the chips are fifteen, is in the lower left quadrant, the board in the very first cell, and is called the "head". The task of the game is that by throwing dice (Zara), to transfer all of his chips in the counter-clockwise from top left opposite sector, called the house, and in turn get them from there. In one move must not be removed from the head of only one chip, except when at the first falls during the take "six six", "three-three" or "four-four". In these cases, a single chip can not be like the number of steps that fell on Zarah, so the first move is permitted to remove the head with not one, but two pieces. Walk should take turns moving the pieces on the number of points that fell on Zarah. You can move the pieces and two in one move, moving each to the number of marks, respectively, the numbers on each of the charges, for example, a roll of "four three", you can move one chip to four divisions, and the second - for three or relocate one chip directly into seven divisions. In the long backgammon, unlike short, you can not lay your chips chips opponent, sending them into captivity, so the occupied cells can not move their. It is also prohibited to build a series of six consecutive their chips before at least one of the opponent's chips will not appear in front of this series. The best victory - is Mars, where the player had to withdraw all of their chips from the board, and your opponent has at least one chip in the first sector. For a player receives four bids. In the long play online backgammon can be on our page without registration.

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Online Backgammon long free

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