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Who among us does not know the legendary Soviet cartoon "Well, wait a minute! "? Despite the fact that this cartoon was released for the first time for a long time, and still today, people of all generations to know and respect this cult cartoon. Modern kids with great interest the event on the screen adventures of a rabbit and the wolf, and adults with fun and nostalgic smile, watching a favorite cartoon as a child. Although it is a huge number of other new cartoon characters, kids are happy to accept the wolf and the hare, "Well, wait a minute! "- This is, of course, the legend of animation. This cartoon will forever remain in the history of animation, and more than one generation will grow on a fun and exciting stories of this cartoon. Perhaps the first good reason most demanded electronic game was created using the famous character, "Well, wait a minute! "- The wolf. Even despite the fact that the game does not include elements of the cartoon story, but simply is a wolf catching eggs, success during the "Electronics" was a runaway. Along with the fact that this game was the first portable handheld computer game popularity gave her and the fact that with the underlying character was familiar and beloved by all. Now the most current games - a flash online games in the vastness of the Internet, and all the good old games have moved it into the virtual space, finding a new life. Games, "Well, wait a minute! "Is no exception. Now play the game well, wait online for free is quite real and no less interesting than before. Older people can play well, wait a minute for free and dip into their adolescence or childhood, and kids - fun and interesting to spend time in the company of a familiar hero. Basically, all the versions of the modern games well, wait a minute - this is the same pocket game, only sometimes with better graphics and a few extra chips. Management is carried out with a mouse and keyboard buttons. Play online games well, wait a minute more convenient and more interesting than the "electronics". All the same, and the screen is bigger and more colorful. A fun game you can not get smaller than before. In any case, will have to try hard to catch all the eggs and none break. This game is very addictive, and every defeat there is an overwhelming desire to renew the fighting at its own rate of reaction. By the way, this is what makes the game of dynamism and mobility. On our site you will be able to enjoy a favorite pastime of the game and certainly will be satisfied.

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online games for free Just you wait

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