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You know what the hardest thing in the ability to drive a car? This is the ability to park! Only drivers with the experience thoroughly mastered this skill. Beginners, when you want to put the car between two others, terribly nervous. It is necessary to shave someone else's car, and there will be hell to pay. In addition to the fine, there is still alien and repair the damaged car and it will cost a pretty penny. To understand how difficult it is to make this manipulation correctly, play online games for parking where lots of opportunities to practice. So when there is at least one free, on her claim of several machines. If the park is difficult, even in calm conditions, then during the race for a place to do it, then make a real feat. When a little hang of this job is to perform a smooth and safe surface, choose a complicated task. In winter, roads are covered with ice, and in parking lots often snow drifts. The car on a slip road, losing traction the tires, and with sharp bends it enters. Given this unfortunate fact, try to still put his vehicle so as not to damage nearby cars. In addition to passenger cars, you are offered trucks loaded with goods. Manage, and on a straight road is not easy, but the driver must from time to time to stop for a snack, or just relax, reaching your destination, unload the goods. After all, he can not just stop on the road, which means that you need to help him to park. Driving a taxi, you must deliver passengers to their destination quickly and on time. This is mainly the airports, hotels, offices, railway. Remember the movie "Taxi" - the driver knew how to maneuver at high speed between the cars on the road and park drastically that few passengers were able to keep the breakfast inside. By controlling the crane, will have to string up so as not to overwhelm it, and place the goods into his cell. While working on a construction site, you will stack blocks and build houses. There are games that do not have cars, but they are, nevertheless, belong to this category. Why? Yes, because you have to manage a certain object, to deliver it right on target, like a park.

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