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Those who know how to play a musical instrument, always enjoy in the surrounding popular. In any company they are asked to play, and for yourself you can always strum your favorite songs and enjoy it alone. King of all musical instruments can be called a grand piano. Lacquered beauties will always be in the center and sets the tone for the entire work or became a soloist among others. Without it difficult to imagine classical music, which is so rich tonalities and transitions. The piano gives way to the beauty of his older brother, but is popular in music schools and homes where people love to play music. This tool is inherited from generation to generation within the family and keeps the memory of touching the keys to his people from different eras. Inside it is hidden magic, the melody and forcing the heart to laugh or cry, grieve or rejoice. The sound of his music makes your feet to dance a provocative tune, and the next moment evoke philosophical thought and thought. It was playing the piano background superimposed on the first silent, black-and-white movies to spice up their experiences and give key. But, in spite of the fact that the cinema today offers a striking special effects, the music is still the main instrument that can create the right mood in the picture. It's great if you visited a music school, club or parents taught you to play on this magnificent instrument. But if the opportunity to receive special education you do not, then rush to the rescue of computer tutorials. You can play the piano virtually and get the basics of this wisdom. Many of the games are made in accordance with all the rules of this tutorial, and you'll find here notes and exercises. Teach yourself is always more difficult, but when you reach significant results, can rightly be proud of yourself. Training will take place smoothly. No need to storm, trying for a short period of time to memorize a lot of material. To better assimilated knowledge and skills honed, you need a certain period. Play the piano, it was developed with a gradient of training, allow you to record your results and then listen to them in order to hear the part on how well you followed the lesson. For simplicity, provides visualization and numbered keys. Keep an eye out for those which keys and in what sequence involved in this lesson, and then try to play a song on their own. After examining the scales, you will proceed to simple melodies, and then more complex. You can control the game by a computer mouse, but if you want to feel like a real game, memorize the layout of keys on a computer keyboard or assign them to a different combination. In our games you learn the piano like instruments - harpsichord, organ, synthesizer. The first two will acquaint you with a vintage sounding instruments that preceded the modern. But the synthesizer - a child of the progress that can reproduce the sounds of any musical instruments, special effects and the whole orchestra tunes. In our games, you can not only learn, but also just to have fun. Become a part of the ensemble and follow the signal when you need to engage with their own part. You will not have to play for real, simply click on a musician, that he was involved in the process. And for the little ones there is a tool, the key is to recreate the sounds of animals, and they have to guess what.

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