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Any stories or legends of the pirates who ever appeared, immediately became very popular and loved by the people. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that people like the dangerous adventures of brave, though not good, sea travelers, who on the captured ships hunt for a new "prey" on the sea space. Boundless seas and oceans, the romance of adventure - all this attracts the mystery and at the same time hidden danger. By viewing or listening to these stories, people begin to dream and fantasize, putting yourself in the place of pirates or their opponents, even in spite of the fact that the world is full of dangers of pirates and tribulations. The spirit of adventure and the call of sea adventures - that directs a real pirate. Nowadays, this subject is very bright and well-founders opened the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean", after the release of pirate After hatching, which fans have even more. The famous and beloved Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp - this is the perfect image of a pirate, which is endowed with a good sense of humor and courage. It is in this modern humans for the most part imagine this pirate. World of gaming industry could not stay away, when the popularity of the theme of pirates at the speed of sound. Thus was created a huge number of different games about pirates, which can be played directly in the online mode at any time. Pirates online game - this is exactly fun, which allows him to present himself in the role of the pirate and go through all the adventures associated with it. Without leaving your home, you can live a colorful history and find yourself in a dangerous and alluring world of pirates. Action, adventure, arcade shooters and incredibly quickly gained popularity among gamers. One of the most popular games of the pirates is to play "Dogs" where to search for the treasure, to manage their own pirate ship, which is not in perfect condition and are sailing towards adventure and danger. How to do the same here without rum - the favorite drink of all the pirates. Accompanied by the sounds of the surf pastime for an interesting game about pirates. In this game have to do a lot of important goals: to unite the team around one goal, to find the resources to survive and conquer more and more cities in search of treasure. Then you will become a true captain of pirates. If we talk about other games, their diversity and differences in the subjects given the opportunity to try all sorts of different games about pirates and thus again be the focus of new member of the pirate adventure.

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