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The desire to have a puppy, kitten, hamsters, birds, aquarium fish, rabbit, turtle, or any other animal, particularly acute in childhood. But it was in this period of life, this dream is seldom feasible. Parents are always busy at work or at home and they have no time to take care of one living entity that requires constant attention. Pet - it is a big responsibility. His life and health depends entirely on the person. This is not a toy and not live just pat him on the head. Your pet is not sick, it must be properly fed and pick up the diet in accordance with the breed and age. In this case, the food should be varied in order to supply the body all the valuable substances that contribute to the development and strengthening of all organs and immune system. Must walk their dogs outside, so they went to relieve himself and running around in the wild - the movement is as important to them as it is for humans. Kotick also needs space and if the little room in the apartment, they will not be able to frolic. In this case, they will be depressed and hurt that deliver new worries and troubles, and because the treatment is very expensive, the unplanned expenses will bring disharmony in your life. But not only cats and dogs can cause trouble. Each animal requires an individual to his approach. To prevent the error, it is necessary to study the literature and regularly show their pet vet to prevent illness and to make the necessary vaccinations. As you can see, taking care of animals requires knowledge, time and effort. It is not surprising that parents are so selflessly protected from attacks of children who wish to have a little creature. Play online games for pets is not the same thing as to have this at home. But sometimes it's even better because in the virtual world you can find yourself at least a zoo, and if something goes wrong, the game updated, starting the process all over again. In this case, you open up great opportunities to make love, not only for the usual pets, but also to make friends with a dinosaur, tame sharks, swim with dolphins, ride a giraffe, compete in fishing with the penguins and bike races with a bear. A computer version of Tamagotchi allows you to start a goldfish, turtle, hamster, panda or open a shelter for animals and manage a zoo. In the mini games you will become owners of the entire stable and will take care of these precious animals with intelligent eyes. Or go to a trendy salon for animals, where they change their appearance with haircuts, hair styling and colors. You yourself take part in creating a new image for your pet, and only depends on your imagination, what will be the result. Game about the tank is always very colorful and positive. Small fish that live in a glass jar - a real decoration of each interior. In this aquarium has a therapeutic effect on people and if a long look as smoothly move the fish in it, the mood is balanced, thoughts come to order, and even harsh sounds seem out of place. Taking care of fishes do not forget to buy a compressor for them to enrich the water with oxygen, filters it to remain transparent and feed. And if you want to go into business, you will be able to breed different species of fish and sell them to buyers. You'll see - it's addictive activity for a long time. And when forged flat top, it will have to study the habits and eating habits. This is a forest animal, and because you have to show the gumption to ensure that it is precisely those provisions, which suits him.

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