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Card games in our country have always been persecuted. It was thought that only irresponsible person, prone to deception, fraud, duplicity and criminal lifestyle, playing cards. In the books and films to educate the consciousness of young people showing gamblers in a negative light. These were big mobsters, petty criminals, alcoholics, homeless, and parasites. And making fun of the bourgeois way of life, for the edification of the Soviet youth, portrayed descended aristocrats who lost at cards the family estate and available capital. And would still like to play all the cards, but tried not to show their weakness in front of strangers, and especially to the authorities, even though they themselves do not deny yourself the pleasure. That's it on the sly, hiding from each other, the people indulged in a game that you have played before them for generations. But if the common people rarely put conditions in the case of a win, the fat cats were not shy in rates. That's it respected the visibility of decency under the cover of their own homes. At the time, both professional gamblers preferred challenging games: whist, bridge, blackjack, poker, point, ordinary fans to entertain themselves, preferred the simpler games. Their favorite was "drunkard", "preference" and "fool" with options. A fool is a classic, springboard and translation. All species do not matter in the study of the rules and because this is the first card game, which develops in childhood. As time has changed people's views on many things. They stopped unconditionally trust the powers that be and follow their moralizing. Now that the cards came out of hiding and ceased to be something shameful, they began to play freely. And when a person is deprived of the forbidden fruit, then stir around it disappears. Today cards are perceived as self-evident, and only gambling subjects who do not know their own emotions and thoughts, can harm your well-being. But these people are not only dangerous to play cards, but simply to conclude innocent bet. For the rest of the party in the card is not nothing but a way to communicate in good company for an enjoyable experience. Our topic invites fans of card games in the Snap to play. The main difference from the classical fool that having the card, similar to the true one, which under you like, the course can be translated back, resting next to your card. A if she still trump, the first time you can simply show up and only the second time to put on the table. Thus, until the last moment for all remains a mystery who will be the winner. When you are playing Snap contestants must closely monitor and store all travel cards. You can play alone, but may be expanded to six. The virtual version of the game is no different than the rules of the real options. But the beauty lies in the fact that here you just do not be deceived, a play not only can c the real enemy, but an artificial intelligence computer. If you can beat him, you're a born gambler! To Snap game, just start the game and after the loading screen once you enter into the process. During the game you will not require a fee, and there is no limit to the age limit. That's great, because in order to become a member of a card club, you have to pay fees, and the casino are only allowed adults. And the house is not always possible to gather with friends - all busy with their own affairs. This means that our site is for you to simply find.

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