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In the nineties of the last century Pokemon were on top. And up to this point these little pocket monsters remembered and loved by all, both kids and adults. In particular, the most famous and beloved of all is pokemonchik Pikachu, whose name is known even by those who have not delved into the story of funny stories about these heroes. And in fact, in the universe of Pokemon, there are about 500 of their species. The first Pokémon games were created in 1997, and since then the young players are very fond of these activities. Games with fancy pocket monsters out of the box represent the entire era of computer games that appeared and were popular when the game industry was in its infancy and has strengthened its position. An interesting fact is that the Pokémon games provided the basis for the creation of a series of animated comics manga and anime, and not vice versa, as is usual. It happened in the early 2000s, and games, as has been said, appeared earlier than cartoons. Legend says games that shape and dimensions of these miniature creatures very different, and they live with people, and depend on their care. Man Pokemon - coach and mentor, and to say these liliputiki not know how. Kids just love to play Pokemon games and take care of their virtual pets unusual. These games are very diverse and can offer players a variety of activities, for example - a Pokémon trainer, to take part in the battles of the bright fantastic monsters or in exciting and entertaining adventures with them. All Pokemon games have positive characteristics, among which to teach children to read, develop their numeracy skills, attentiveness and memory, learning the basics of strategic thinking, increase the rate of reaction and more. In these games, the Japanese concentrated wisdom and psychology. And with the Pokémon can be fun to have fun, drive a motorcycle, play paintball or do something else fun and interesting. At the same time, these classes can be a good family tradition for joint leisure activities for children and their parents. On our website we present a large collection of Pokemon games, you can play for free. Such games have in the arsenal of almost all game genres from racing to puzzle games, so everyone can know the interesting world of Pokemon and at the same time exciting to spend your free time. Choose the game for yourself to taste and interests, and you will enjoy the fun with Pokémon.

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