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Ponies are always associated with childhood. These little horses look at you with kind eyes and a pleasure to ride on the kids themselves. And when they are resting with his head drooping eyelids and it seems that they are thinking or dreaming. They dream that they are large and graceful horses, which all admire. Pony cause tenderness and pony games because the girls are very popular. They turn into a pony pets. And who ever dreamed of having your own small horse? Now, immersed in the virtual world, this fantasy became a reality. Together with them, you can frolic in the meadow, or arrange them stable in the latest fashion, equipping it with toys - balls, hurdles, rings through which so much fun jumping pony. And they can dress up and decorate drawings on the body. We pony long bangs, which falls on their foreheads and covers one eye, which makes them mysterious. Comb it, and in the mane Interweave colored ribbons, barrettes garnish. And if you show imagination, you can radically change the appearance of horses. Paint her body applications, mane and all the colors of the rainbow. So what, that in life there is no such horses. After all, we are in a fictional country where every whim has a right to exist. If we are talking about fantasies, then venture into the world of fairies, we can see that there pony turned into unicorns. We used to see unicorns and big white horses, but for the country, which is inhabited by miniature creation, everything else must match in size and, therefore, pony unicorn looks quite appropriate here. To make it a truly fabulous, use your magic and release the imagination. Gilding his horn and hooves, silvered mane, make eyelashes longer, to look ponies became even more mysterious. Games for girls pony - a fairy tale that comes alive. It is a virtual reality, which becomes a real human intervention. To dream and fantasize helpful to not grow sullen and closed. In addition, together with the pony can go to the track and take part in most of these races. You will jockey guides his little horse and buoyed him to come to the finish line first. Only your spiritual unity can bring the coveted victory. And when the medal will adorn your chest, give thanks for the victory of his team-mate, having treated his sweet and juicy carrot or apple. Games for girls offer to paint pony horse in the genre risovalok. Here is a palette of various colors and shades. Realistic images of fantasy and replaced by open space in front of you to implement your own fantasies to life. Most liked the picture can be printed, and then save the album, a collection of gathering them. For those who like to overcome adversity, provided puzzles. Since you are already an experienced gamer, then you know you have to go away - to collect from the scattered pieces of the puzzle complete the picture. For each age group created their own versions of this remarkable logic fun. The older players, options with a lot of figures, but the very young on the shoulder will work with large and few elements. To find the right combination, drag the pieces to the board, rotate them around their axis and look for the continuation of the lines and colors of the pattern. Games pony - it kind of funny, fabulous, informative, educational, colorful and musical toys. Addressing them, the children will forget grievances and regain their smile.

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