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Computer games based on fairy tales are not uncommon and cause a lively interest. Together with them easily through the virtual world in search of adventure, which is represented in diversity. Prince of Persia games have become a real game show. The first toy was created by Jordan Mechner through the company Broderbund and published in October 1989 marked the beginning of the first chapter of the subsequent series. As for his age, it was created using a fairly revolutionary technology - rotoscoping. Mechner copied all the movements of his brother, and put them on the game's characters. As a result, the movement came natural, smooth and entertaining plot has made the game a unique and unforgettable. You get to Persia and become a direct participant in the story. While looking for the glory of the sultan brave soldier on military roads, the Vizier Jaffar has decided to arrange a coup to seize power. Princess, which has remained in the palace, fell victim to cunning villain, and he gave her an ultimatum - either she becomes his wife, or he would kill her. I have a beloved princess, but he is imprisoned. Upon learning of the threat, it has an additional incentive to leave the dungeons. His goal - to escape from prison and save his beloved. Play Prince of Persia, you will be in real time. At each level of the hero waiting for danger, but c your help he overcomes everything. Each stage of the game goes to time and there is always a danger of dying. If you are gone during a clash with the enemy, will replay again. Do not have time to keep within the allotted time - also return to the top level. Replay can be an infinite number of times, and restore dwindling forces with potions. In front of you and then there are obstacles, hazards, and watch, as if glued, is on your trail. Only after passing all the tasks and defeating enemies, you vouchsafed embrace love princess. 1994 saw the release of the continuation of Prince of Persia - "Shadow and Flame" at the studio Broderbund Software. Again, as the main culprit appears Jaffar. Sultan again treads the path of war, leaving the shaky power unattended. Now Vizier helps black magic, which allows him to take any shape and change someone else's. Using this ability, it changes the appearance of the Prince and seizes power in a palace. Still like Prince can learn about his royal blood, return its true face, to escape from captivity, survive the demonic attack and regain the princess. What follows is a new breakthrough in 1999 and gives the game "Prince of Persia 3D», where the main attraction is the volume graph, and the fight against Jaffar gaining new power. In 2003, a play on "The Sands of Time", which is released by Ubisoft and the author of the first part - Jordan Mechner. Now the player to watch the changing of genres with a platform for action, but the plot and style of play have survived. Without a long break, namely in 2004, gamers have had the pleasure of meeting with the game Prince of Persia "Warrior" or, as an option - "Warrior within." At this time, the authors have allowed themselves to step over the brink of the moral side of the story and introduced the bloody scenes of bare women and obscene speech. A scandal that only drew more attention to the product. But before we release it to the world, he was expelled from the censors all moments that defined age limit, making it accessible to the masses. Finally it should be mentioned topics game series Prince of Persia, released in 2005 and 2010 - "The Two Thrones" and "The Forgotten Sands".

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online game Prince of Persia for free

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