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Princess Games for Girls - this is nothing like a real school for girls who have inherited from my mother-queen noble inheritance, that is, it is the game for all the ladies. Each current Queen was once a young princess and trying on her mother's long dress, secretly used her makeup. Pencil, decorated rain, served a magic wand, a crown made of cardboard was covered with sequins and jewels as it prishpilivayut sparkling brooch. In full costume girlfriend arranged secular evening with a cup of imaginary tea, showing each other the knowledge of manners and rolling in pleasantries. If yesterday's Princess acquire knowledge and manners through tales for children, today's Crowned person can absorb this very wisdom of playing games for girls princess. In this section, all the famous products on the life of the princesses. Their life is not always so easy as it might seem at first glance. They like to steal dragons and witches. And treat them with poisoned apples or stupefy spells. The only salvation for the right to expect that every princess - is a brave prince on a white horse. Let's say even more - it is his sacred duty to rescue those in trouble beauties, then to marry them. So, to be in full uniform when the distance loomed your character, you must master the skill of beauty. Dress Up you will find clothes and jewelry that can make even a frog shed its skin to try on all this splendor. Aerial fabric, bright colors, ryushiki, form-fitting and free styles, a scattering of pearls, diamonds, turquoise and other precious stones create a complete harmony of style. Gorgeous crown, tiaras, brooches, pendants, bracelets, earrings, pendants complement the outfit. Own beauty plays a huge role, but forget about the decoration of the room is not worth. Imagine the interior, where you want to live in, and start the project. Expensive furniture, rugs, wall colors, lighting, decor, small details - all this will add charm and soothing comfort of the room. Every detail plays a role, and to find the perfect place for it, move it in space until you feel that the goal is achieved. When the couple meets and understands that it's love, it's time to play the wedding. But sometimes the parents have other plans, and they do not share their enthusiasm crowned offspring. However, when two young men in the chest flame of love, any decision it seems doable. To get married and be together, they run away from the parental home. Where they run and do not know, but the main act, and we'll see. They were soon overtaken by the first trouble - hunger. In search of food, they are unknown and the berries begin to eat them. This is of course silly. First, unwashed fruits and berries lead to health problems. And secondly, can be poisonous. But as we play games for girls princess, you can take the risk. And the berries that were magical! Gorging them, our heroes have acquired magical powers and is now completely solve the problem of non-traditional way. Also, you will find you are familiar princesses: Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Mulan, Jasmine. Together with them, you will dispel the toads, turning them into princes, folding puzzles, solve puzzles, mazes run, paint, and do lots of other useful and fun things.

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