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Browser mini-games are good because they can look for even a few minutes to go over this time a couple of levels and get away from obsessive daily affairs. Simple game will be interesting even for experienced gamers, because simplicity is often a positive quality for a toy. Many people do not have time to deal with a difficult long gameplay, to delve into the intricacies of the plot, to reflect on how to achieve the goals of the game. The flash games of this problem does not exist. Gamer opens any toy and just immediately can start it. If this is the race, before the player will be easy but interesting track, the machine is controlled using simple commands. If the walker, the gamer can easily sort out the method of traffic control, use of weapons, collection of artifacts. If the shooter, then it is enough to just quickly press the left click to kill all the villains. It is a game with a limited number of levels, for their passage does not need to develop his character, or buy special equipment for it in your store. For example, it may be logical to search for the same job cards. Gamer sees a set of images, of which there are in a chaotic manner identical. Then all the cards are flipped and the player needs to point to the same memory pair. There are toys that have no end or move to the next level - they can play or indefinitely, setting a dizzying records, or vice versa, it's fun to stop at any time without worrying about lost progress. As an example of a fun puzzle series include three in a row. On the screen you can see the cluster, for example, multi-colored balls. Change their place, you need to collect some of the same, which then disappear, replaced by new parts. How much would a gamer or removed balls, there will always be new, what makes these games great escape from the work routine. Puzzles can also be attributed to simple toys - a gamer collects pieces of the picture, and can be interrupted at any time, and then continue it's fun at the same point. Passage of many arcade games will not require undue effort. There's enough character to hold a mini maze and help him jump on the platforms, to protect from enemies. Typically, a new level in these toys can be seen from the very beginning. Dress up games, cooking games, quest items, flying virtual technology - in this section of the site we have put together a wide variety of games combined single principle, namely, simplicity and ease of gameplay in their passing.

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