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People - being emotional, and always looking for a reason to cheer up, feel the adrenaline, saturate your life with new experiences. The poet and satirist Juvenal is the famous phrase, familiar to all - "Bread and circuses! . " Her he wanted to emphasize the mentality of his contemporaries, but the expression of a cruise through the centuries and actually to this day. Because positive emotions quickly fade from memory, people invented for themselves cruel and bloody game. In the ring gladiators fought to the death, and fought not only c each other, but also with ferocious animals. Today's fighting in the boxing ring at least bloody, though regulated tough rules. People jump with a parachute, an elastic band with a spendthrift, swim with sharks, become a stuntman. But this is not enough for them. Film, literature and comic books populated monsters, monsters, evil aliens, zombies, werewolves, vampires. Imagination knows no boundaries, and always creates new creatures to cope with them all the more difficult. Game prototype introduces us to Alex - once an ordinary man, and now a merciless mutant. Prototype - this is a sci-fi third-person action. The game was released in 2009 And her staff have created a company Radical Entertainment. As is often the case for the disaster in research laboratories are paying ordinary people. Another collapse led to were born monster special destructive power. Reborn in a new guise, Alex lost his memories of a past life and now feel only hatred for all living things. Gripping his thirst for destruction, kill and murder. It does not stop at nothing and sows around death. His actions are dangerous and unpredictable. Stop it real because there is no such weapons, which would be able to harm him. And here is Alex is getting stronger and it appears all the new features. For it is not a problem to pull out a mighty tree with a root out of the ground. For him, it's like that for us to tear a piece of grass. He throws like a snowball machine, and people can not stand against him. For the fun of it attacks, tears off people's heads. Alex does not even have a specific purpose, and it is driven by conventional aggression. In the course of the game prototype, Alex there are new hand-hammers, whip, shield, armor, sword and other mutations. It can be masked by taking the guise of other people, absorbing their memories, knowledge, thoughts and soul. For him there is no difference who before him - the police, child, woman, man or a zombie. Any becomes his toy with unique finale - death. The game offers you to choose the scenario - indiscriminate mass murder or mission. But in the final is a big question. The feeling that the writers left themselves a clue to continue or give the player the opportunity to speculation the end of the story itself. As for the graphics, you can not say that the creators of something surprising. Sometimes the picture is realistic, but often these are old stamps, and not quite quality. Sound design and mechanics of movement are standard, as for most of this kind of games.

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A prototype of free online games

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