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In the animated film "Tangled" shows the story about a girl with magical long hair. She was kidnapped by an evil witch and imprisoned in the Tower. To get into her house, you had to climb through the magnificent strands that Rapunzel lowered from the window. Once the window beautiful young thief climbed. He helped her get to the festival of lights in the capital of the kingdom, and between them broke a spark of love. They had to go through many tests to finally release as a result of Rapunzel, her back to her native royal family and, of course, to live together in happiness and harmony. Games for girls Rapunzel based on this cartoon, as well as on the classic tale of a beautiful girl with long hair. For example, there are many simulators hairdressing salons where a girl gamer can dream about Rapunzel hair: curl her hair, paint the individual strands, decorate their hair clips, bows. There are games where the work on the hair is due to the power of virtual magic. Gamers need only specify what subjects will be involved in magic. This may be a pair of scissors, a comb, hair curlers, hair dye, all kinds of jewelry - with the help of their fairy with wings transforms itself Rapunzel's hair. In some beauty salons can be practiced not only hair, but also the make-up or outfit Rapunzel. Most often this occurs sequentially select eye color, applied eye shadow, blush, lipstick. Then, on the beautiful face off blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes, her image is complemented by stylish accessories. Rapunzel lets you play the game with a lot of variety of virtual instruments, each time you create a new look and feel beautiful. Try playing with different images of fairy tale heroines - as a rule, they are not only the features of the girl's face, but also sets of clothes, make-up and diversity of ways to care for your hair. Some of them show Disney's Rapunzel image, but you can find other pictures of this princess. Rapunzel game - it is also a great adventure in the forests of the fairy kingdom. Here, you can manage both beauty and her lover. They jump on the branches of trees, collect valuable artifacts. Flynn must avoid the guards and break the announcement of his wanted list. Rapunzel can use her hair as a vine to climb to the highest branch. You will find the image of Rapunzel, and some puzzles. For example, you need to collect a series of three identical tiles featuring Disney beauties, changing their positions. Or re-create some of the pieces and pazlinok scenes from the movie. All kinds of online games you'll find Rapunzel in this section of our website.

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