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The popular animated series "Winx Club: Winx" tells about the adventures of fairy-girlfriends who are trained in the school of magic Alpheus and simultaneously oppose all kinds of evil forces that threaten the safety and harmony in the world. Cartoon characters come from different planets. For example, the protagonist of history - it's a girl Bloom. She spent her childhood on Earth, but then learned that a princess of the planet Domino. And her friend Stella arrived from another planet - the Solarium. Raznoplanetnoe origin does not interfere with the fairies to get along well with each other and find common interests, despite differences in the inclinations and preferences. Muse, a participant Winx Club, organized in Bloom school of magic, love music. And another cartoon heroine, Flora, feels a close relationship with plants and therefore prefer to do magic with them. Appearance of each girl clearly succumbed in cartoons - this applies to their preferred style of dress and choice of colors. But every gamer can feel involved in the creation of magical images of beautiful women, if they take up painting pictures in special gaming applications. It does not necessarily follow the rules of the display characters in cartoons and you can show the creative imagination, using a completely unusual colors for their outfits, hair, skin color, eyes, as well as for the whole environment. For example, you can try to dye her hair Bloom is not the usual red color, and make it even purple, denoting each strand on her head a separate shade. Or to put Stella is not in orange tones, and picture her suit as a set of green, red and blue colors. Coloring the heroines Winx Club show various scenes from the movie, fairies against the fabulous scenery, buildings magical universe, the other characters of this fairy stories. Revive the bright colors, these black-and-white drawings! Coloring can offer a simple set of basic colors, which is perfect for beginners gamers. As a rule, with it being offered and simplified drawings with large parts that can be filled with just a few clicks. Or, the game has expanded palette, which shows not only various shades, but different degrees of brightness and color. This option allows you to create richer picture, asking for each part of a single color, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality and realism. And in these games you need to paint a lot of small parts - it's fun enjoy the true connoisseurs of art. Coloring Games Winx make it possible to print the resulting image and create a unique collection of images of your favorite characters.

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Online Games Coloring Winx Free

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