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Computer coloring - a popular genre that allows you to plunge into the artistic creativity, to take the first steps in the development of artistic talent. The task before the gamer here is pretty simple - the screen appears black and white picture and a set of virtual flowers. Using the mouse, you must first select the color, and then move it to the appropriate area of ​​your drawing to color it. Thus, all of the pictures are colorful, and you can go to the next creative task. Coloring Games for boys offer you download. This race cars, spaceships, dinosaurs, medieval castles, mystical characters. For gamers, kids are simplified image, with large parts. Here, just a couple of clicks you can paint the whole body. For example, it may be a train, a bird in a tree, teddy bear figurine of Mickey Mouse. Older guys will be interesting to upload a picture with fine details - above the need to work longer, turning individually brilliant detail. So, downloading drawing of a dragon, you can attach a separate tone of each of its scales, each horn and flames flying out of the mouth. Or working on the exterior of the castle wizard should create spaciousness through different shades of the same color, select a color palette that will be able to convey emotions in appearance magician. In various toys, coloring books offer a variety of tools. The most common options here - a small set of primary colors and a couple of shades. Much more interesting, but at the same time and more difficult to use a professional set, which can accurately convey the tone of the color and brightness by sliding your cursor over the rainbow palette. Most often, coloring games for boys offer a series of thematic patterns. For example, you can dive into the world of brave knights, turning warriors, horses, weapons and equipment. One figure they fight with terrifying monsters who attacked the peaceful city. On the other - in a tavern feast, celebrating a victory. If the theme of the game are machines, they will paint a different model of car, portraying them in a race, in the repair box. Computer coloring can be not only great fun, but also help the child improve his creative imagination. But do not linger too much on them, because the next step in the development of artistic talent should be to create your own patterns. Although the games and coloring in it can help - after you've created a virtual image, you can crayons, paints and markers to transfer it to paper. And then the author is trying to create masterpieces.

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