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Wrestling - a successful combination of theater and sports acrobatic action. This symbiosis is the audience a spectacular show from which freezes the blood in the veins. It seems that a little more, and participants will receive a permanent injury, but in fact everything that happens in the ring carefully and repeatedly rehearsed. Hooks, hitting, choking, throwing and assaults - is precisely targeted actions that are designed and directed in numerous training sessions. Even a blow on the head with a chair will not hurt the enemy, as it was originally intended, and sawed the chair or the parts are secured loosely so that it shattered at the slightest impact. To wrestling career has developed successfully, a person must have a talent actor. It serves as a guarantee that after a career athlete, it will not remain on the margins and not leave the memory of admirers. Career wrestlers often continues in the field of cinema and an example of this is the Hulk Hogan (native name Terry Gene Bollea), Mr. T (aka Lawrence Thury) and Johnson "The Rock" Dwayne Douglas - the third generation wrestler. And who would have thought that an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter and composer David Arquette, also a former professional wrestler! You remember him from the film series "The Scream", where he played a major role, as well as many of his other books. Before you start to play games wrestling WWE, would like to tell you some more interesting facts relating to such popular shows. First he shoots proklyunulis in the XIX century in France, and then later got into Europe and America. We learned about it in Russia, where he has covered no less glorious. But finally wrestling formed and acquired familiar outlines of a century later. Despite the fact that today it is a spectacle known around the world, the most pronounced taste for it in Japan? Mexico and North America. Each region gives its own unique presentation features, adapting it to their own perception of the viewer. Naturally, like any mass representation for the wrestling association created to keep track of his organization and compliance with the rules. The largest is located in America is called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and, after reading the announcement that this is the company responsible for the show, there is no doubt that the show will be worthy. In our section assembled version, offering to play Wrestling WWE. Characters have caused his war paint and are ready to enter the ring. Each has its own role, which correspond to the costumes and make-up, paint the faces to intimidate the enemy. Names, too, threatening to inject himself in the eyes of the opponent's weight. Wrestling games are distributed and women who do not want anything to yield a strong half of mankind. And in life and in the virtual world, they growl menacingly and pounce on rivals, trying to put them on the shoulder. As a new player in the game WWE, you will meet and arm wrestling, where the struggle is only in her arms. Agonists put their elbows on one line and grapple with his hands. They start at the same time, trying to put his hand the other player at the table. According to the rules can not be anything more to help themselves and do not move the elbow from the line. WWE games and exciting entertainment. In them there is an effect of surprise when in the ring there is a new member. Stunts require agility, strength and struggle. Do not think chto wrestlers are weak, just before choosing the winners and losers. To perform a program developed, it is necessary to be very sturdy.

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Wrestling wwe games online for free

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