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Online games robots have taken over from the comics, movies and cartoons, to continue to communicate with their fans. People have long used these iron creations, giving them the anger or kindness of heart and a superior human mind, mind. Robots sometimes fighting with a man, but sometimes stand by his side. In fact, the robot - is any technique and modern mechanisms are called smart. This is because the scope of their abilities to actively expands and provides the user with more of their opportunities. Those computers once served to perform complex mathematical calculations. Then they were taught to write, and then brought into the virtual world with all its features. Mobile Phones - is also a robot. But whereas they were expected to only high-quality communication with the caller, but today it is a mini computer, reading room, tablets for games, calculators, voice recorders, interpreters, photo and video cameras. All of this is included in the range of services, making them an indispensable item for all occasions. In a fairy tale K. Bulycheva "Alice's Journey", a planet Shelezyaka, which is located in the Milky Way and entirely populated by robots. All children are familiar with the story and it has grown for two generations. At the same author is more famous work - the novel "One Hundred Years ago forward", on which in 1985 made a film "The Guest from the Future." In the plot of the story is too friendly artificial intelligence - biorobot and android named Werther, who works at the Institute for the time. In the saga "Star Wars" people everywhere accompanied by robots and cartoon "WALL-E" is completely dedicated to them. Robots games online is not always confer these iron creations such kindness and humor. Often, before you open the battlefields on which cars are ruthless. They attack and destroy their city to the ground. Between a rigid robots find out the relationship, resulting in no less disastrous results. But often at the massive and impenetrable shell hides quite a species. Just someone sitting in the cockpit and pull the lever, causing a huge edifice to move and act in the interest of the pilot. Most robots are transformers and modified all the time. They are endowed with limitless possibilities and firepower. Their destructive power is great, and the transformation help you navigate in all conditions - under water, in heaven and on earth. They are not afraid of fire and snow. They conquer space as easily as we anthill. But if these giants are subject to your will, you can not be afraid of enemies. Placed them on the points of the approaches to the city and within it, you will block any attack of the enemy, from whatever side it comes from. But sometimes the robots also have hard times. After a global catastrophe, when on earth there is nothing left alive, and inanimate matter destroyed during the apocalypse, robots are on the verge of extinction. Many have lost their limbs and are now in search of the necessary parts. They are deprived of the power supply and even a weak battery is worth its weight in gold. Discovering games for boys robots, you will see the stories of different directions. Among them are creative and logical tasks. Maybe you like to paint a robot or fold it into a puzzle. And if you want to feel like a designer, then collect on the background of scattered parts, and then connect them in accordance with the scheme. Each time before you will salute a new character with an individual design that will make the toy more intense and exciting.

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