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Otis the bull, cow Abby, mule Miles, mouse, Pip, Pig, pig - is reckless farm residents of the animated film "Barnyard." Only at first glance it may seem that they are ordinary animals, but actually animals lead a double life. These amazing creatures can talk and have a completely human intelligence, but that does not endanger the fragile psyche of the owner, a farmer, hide their abilities and when people behave as quite ordinary residents of the barnyard. When no one sees them, they make all kinds of entertainment - ride on a motorcycle, explore the surrounding farm land, rolling their noisy parties. Their adventure takes place not only in the cartoon universe, but also in the area of ​​computer toys. For example, the gamer takes on the difficult mission - to provide a noisy party in the barn delicious fresh milk. To do this, you need to manage Otis, who stands at the entrance to the barn and waiting for new orders from their comrades. Head out of the door showing one of the cows, and a special icon shows how many bottles of milk you need to bring, and what exactly it should be a drink: pure product with a chocolate flavor or berry filling. These bottles are not that hard to get, because they are scattered all over the place near the farm. Just point to the Otis haystack, to help him jump on the high post, run over the far tree. The difficulty is that the time for each order is limited - revelers animals do not praise the hero, if he is delayed and it will significantly reduce the number of received bonuses. But if you do everything quickly, the party will continue at the same speed joyful, the player quickly put a new record and be able to pass to the next level. In the cartoon Otis otvyazny shown as a guy who loves to have fun. Naturally, he uses every excuse for this. For example, it may be Halloween evening. Otis wears a vampire costume and began to scour the neighborhood in search of sugary sweets. That's when they do not lie directly in the path, and hidden in bales of hay, wooden boxes. Gamer should take the bull close to any object, activate the attack and then Otis devastating blow will destroy everything in front of him, and the earth will roll candies, chocolate bars and other goodies. You need to collect them all and try to accumulate as much candy for a limited time. Apparently, in order to then take them to their comrades in the barn and crunch them together, without the knowledge of the farmer. There are other games with funny animals, and they are sure to give gamers a lot of pleasant emotions. In the toys based on the cartoon Barnyard can play for free in this section of our website.

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