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Legends tell us that live in the depths of the waters of the mystical creation - a mermaid with a human upper body and a big fish tail instead of legs. Variously described the manners and behavior of the mermaids. Sailors in the olden time believed that these creatures are beautiful songs stupefy men, and then tighten them down. Others think that in the underwater world of mermaids is in the major cities. These people shy away from the depths of people and try not to get in their way. Almost all the stories and legends agree that mermaids are extremely beautiful, elegant, with attractive features and a beautiful figure. And guys, the mermaid is very muscular, courageous, and always ready to defend their friends. There are numerous games mermaid in which you want to control the adventures of underwater creatures, decorate pictures with their participation, create an image of the inhabitants of the sea dress up and beauty salons, develop housing mermaids, manage rusalichey eatery, to organize an underwater theme park. For example, in the game to help the mermaid to collect all the gems, gold coins and other artifacts scattered on the sea floor. This requires direct it to the cluster of jewels and not allowed to get close to the heroine evil moray eels, cuttlefish, sharks. Sometimes these adventures are made in the form of Action: gamer here explores a different location, inspects the bottom surface. Also, there are arcades, where mermaids swim in a confined space and must collect a certain number of items to move to the next level. Some games do not need to manage a mermaid, and, for example, a man who undertook to protect the marine beauty. She was stuck in the shallows and on her from all sides attacking monster. Gamer should just cut them with his sword, so that no malicious user does not touch the scaly girl. Games for girls mermaid offer a variety of clothing options and tools for creating hairstyles and make-up. Most odevalok met with a nautical theme, There is a starfish with blouses, dresses with fish. I still need to pick up earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as in the image of mermaids large place occupied by jewelry. Sometimes in toys with mermaids involved couple: man and woman. They can prepare for the wedding, and you need to dress up their ceremony, or they can be heroes tselovalki in which you follow to the passing fish not caught heroes for a passionate kiss. There are also computer entertainment based on the famous TV series, cartoons. For example, h2o mermaid games in which you need to work on the style serial beauties or look for hidden objects in the scenes from the movie.

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