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Mermaid - one of the most mysterious creatures. We are accustomed to thinking of their kind, romantic, beautiful. All this thanks to the cinema and the popular cartoon of the little mermaid Ariel especially firmly cemented in our minds a positive image. But if we turn to the mythology of different nations, it is clear that poluryba-poluzhenschina always considered dangerous and evil creatures. However, their habitat is not limited to bodies of water, and even spread to the land. Some mermaids lure ships onto the reefs and sank them, others lived in the forest and were swinging on tree branches waiting for a lone traveler. Especially dangerous mermaids became at certain times of the year, for example, on the day of Ivan Kupala. They said that all those who dare to take a dip in the river during this period, mermaids drags on the bottom, and converted to the same creatures like themselves. The times when people truly believed in legends passed, and for us today is nothing more than folklore. Children and adults enchanted watching funny cartoons about mermaids that are filled with humor, positive and educational morality. Games continue mermaid theme, mortgaged the world of cinema, and offer their own versions of the stories. With computer products are not much fun to go on an adventure, especially now that every player itself becomes part of the virtual world and handles the event. To maintain the interest of users, games created in different subjects and at any time gamer can switch to something else. Natural direction for the game are a little mermaid dress. Fabulous mermaids - this cute babes who frolic with friends in the depth of sea water and in their desires and interests resemble ordinary girls. And as we know, the weight of the girls are still those flirt and ladies! That is why these games are especially common. But since we are dealing with the underwater world, then the outfits are designed in an appropriate style. Dress decorated with sequins reminiscent of fish scales, shells, sea horses, fish and stars. Similar images present in the jewelry - bracelets, earrings, tiaras, necklaces, brooches. Makeup for mermaids provides bright and sequins are so fond of girls. Besides odevalok, mermaid games - it is also quests that will have to collect items from the bottom of the sea. Typically, this pearl and what fell from sunken ships. There just is not there treasures! If you love the look, apart from the opportunity to provide a quest game where you have to find the differences in two almost identical pictures. Their similarity is only at first glance it seems complete, but if you look closely, it becomes clear that this is not the case. Another search option - the same image. On the playing field located cards "shirts" up, but they mask patterns. Clicking on any map, it will turn to you for a few seconds, and then returns to its original position. Try to remember where and what the picture is to find two completely identical. When properly discover similarities, they immediately disappear from the field, or will be in the rotated position to you. The game runs at a time, so take your time. For young designers prepared an exciting game where you have to arrange the furniture and decor in places. What will the result depends on your imagination. There are no conventions, as long as you like by the fruit of your efforts. And, of course, play a complementary coloring games heading mermaid. Drawing - it is always a pleasure and a sea of ​​opportunities to make the world colorful.

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free online games Little Mermaid

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