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Tale of the Mermaid, fell in love with a handsome prince and sacrificed for the sake of seeing him the pleasures of underwater life, has written the great Hans Christian Andersen. The company removed the Disney stories on this wonderful cartoon, by which millions of children's hearts sincerely love mermaid Ariel and shudder of the soul followed her adventures. In computer games have the ability to become not just a bystander, as a direct participant in this classic tale. For example, Ariel swims to the virtual depths in search of valuable treasures for themselves: spotting scopes, hourglass, cups and other human things that fell out of the sunken ships. Do gamers have very little time to do the little mermaid effective action. He has to collect as many discoveries accumulate the maximum possible number of points and thus avoid a meeting with the evil henchmen of the insidious witch-cuttlefish. Some of the findings will be of particular value here, because they increase the round or add the protagonist supply of vital energy. The Little Mermaid Ariel is not so vulnerable to aggressive residents of the ocean. For example, taking part in a special tournament of his father, King Triton, she can use a powerful attack to crush the moray eels and other enemies. Gamer uses the attack and helps the little mermaid achieve victory in the competition. Ariel the little mermaid games often help the protagonist to meet a handsome prince and merge with it in a passionate kiss. Sometimes it needs to manage a guy who wears scuba dives safely into the sea depths. Supply of oxygen is limited, and it is the gamer to guide the hero to the air bubbles, so that he could safely get to the end of the race, where he was waiting for a charming mermaid princess. On the basis of the Disney cartoons are numerous coloring. Here, the player must use the virtual ink to black-and-white pictures beamed live shades. Can decorate the underwater world to fish and mermaids in it was cozy and fun? Ariel the Little Mermaid game - it's also dress up in which you need to find the ocean beauty worthy ball gown, do her hair, make enchanting makeup. Perhaps you may want to adjust a little bit familiar image of Ariel, change the color of her hair, give her scaly tail iridescent? The Little Mermaid, Flounder fish, crab Sebastian, King Triton, Prince Eric and other cartoon characters portrayed in virtual puzzles, games, finding differences, collection of identical pictures, search for hidden objects in the picture. In this section of the site collected flash toys with the little mermaid Ariel and her friends.

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online games for free The Little Mermaid Ariel

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