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For people who prefer the way the land rest, do not understand those who can hang around for days by the river with a sprig in the hands of the so-called rod, and wait until there is a small fish starved, ready to end his short life, and so on fishing hook. Fishermen - strange people. My favorite holiday destination for real fishermen - gatherings around baited areas with an arsenal of fishing rods on the beach. In the summer they occupy the entire coast, and in the winter bravely go on fragile ice to fish out from under him half asleep fish. If they could, they would have crushed tent right by the river and lived in nature, as her true followers. But the problem is that all the fish will not be enough to soak it in order to fill, so we have to go back home, watching boring affairs and plan for a new onslaught. So in between your favorite hobby to occupy themselves equally fascinating affair, we offer Russian fishing to play free online. Modern games have reached a level where can compete with real life. Knowing how important fishing takes place in the soul of every inveterate fisherman, the creators of computer versions of this sacrament, tried to incorporate all of its subtleties and nuances. Once the virtual bank, you find yourself in a truly paradise. The water then gently lapping against the shore, spiders scurrying through it in an easy dance, small fish jumps out and leaves behind ripples, trees rhythmically shake the slender branches, dragonfly tries to ride the float, and the grass is singing a love song cricket. It offers all kinds of bait, bait and tackle. You can use ready-made or make your baits from available ingredients. But the real joy - is the lack of competition on the shore, and the fish are biting particularly well and in variety. Such fishing as we do, you will not find anywhere else! You can play Russian fishing, going to a secluded beach or the nature of the familiar to the exotic edge to move in search of new experiences. Who said that to catch a whale and shark fishing is not Russian? It starts wherever there is our man! Beware of moray eels, sperm whales and other aquatic creatures! Even if the rod broke, we have in stock is always a net, spear and dynamite! We catch of any fish that has not had time to myself to die of fright from a heart attack. Now that we have come to play in the Russian fishing games online, ceremony, and will not be sentimental. "Who is not hidden, I am not guilty! "- That is the motto of our anglers who bravely goes even post-apocalyptic fishing when in the thick mire of the former river swimming mutants, fish skeletons, zombies and torn shoes. Inedible, you say. But the sport! After all, this fisherman's important is not the fact of the catch, but the process itself. Referring to the mini games, you will also find something to entertain themselves. Zamorachivayas not realistic, the developers have paid more attention to the time competitively. Then for a while it is necessary to have time to catch more fishes to win the required number of game points. Shut off her dynamite dropped by the seine fish out buckets and beat oars. You can then feed to catch a cat or a roast on the grill and sell it to customers.

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Russian fishing games online for free

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