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"Caught a fish big and small" - teaches us a long spell fishing folk tale. A tale - a lie, but it hints. If you are an avid fisherman, but to go fishing with a fishing rod on the hunt does not always work, you can try to play the fishing on the computer. Of course, it is very remotely resembles a real vacation in a river or lake, but as they say - to bring down oskomu, nevertheless, a little fail. In fishing games online you will be able to enjoy not only guaranteed a great catch, but also listen to the birds singing, frogs croaking tireless, buzzing dragonflies and even the sound of water. At the heart of fishing games online is the principle of gradual improvement of skill angler. You have to start with the most simple and unsophisticated tools for fishing - the usual stick with hooks, fishing line and float. Your Catches You can sell them for helping out the funds to acquire more advanced fishing equipment, bait, baits, and even vehicles. You are given the opportunity to choose between quiet and active fishing. The arsenal is as normal fishing rods and spinning rods, and even the network. Do you have a great opportunity to visit the most picturesque places, getting the trophy catches in order to have something to show off to your friends. In the fishing game play is very simple, your problem is that when biting time press the space bar or mouse button and follow closely the scale vyvazhivaya same keys fish. The secret is simple - when playing you can not pull too hard and give the fish a lot of freedom, because in both cases the failure may occur and you have to change not only the bait, but the hook, line and floats. As your "career" of growth in the fishing games to play online for free, you open up more and more tackle, bait and equipment. In some games you can even buy a house, in order to keep it a particularly large trophies. Online fishing games are simple and exciting, your work day can fly by unnoticed, if you on his way to the game. Also, for a more efficient fishing you can use the network, they will provide the maximum catch without much hassle. The main thing - well remember the time in which they need to pull out, otherwise the fish may die either by pulling the network too early, you risk not wait to catch at all. The game is really beautiful and can deal with many emotions, relaxes and brings the healthy excitement. You will surely get the maximum enjoyment, playing fishing games online.

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