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Man, as a part of nature, though, and pulled away from her much, but is still looking for ways to communicate with her. One such opportunity - pets. Some people prefer to start a dog, someone seals. Others prefer rodents, birds or turtles. Each animal requires a different approach and care. If hamsters, and parrots enough time to feed and change the paper in the cage, the dogs and cats need more attention and affection. And before you opt for the animal, it is necessary to think carefully - and if I can properly take care o it? Tempo that dictates the modern reality, many people do not allow themselves to settle in lovely creation. Only the fish are ready to be independent and do not require our presence around the clock. Suffice it once to organize their habitat, time to feed and you can enjoy their beauty, when it got a minute. But if even that you do not have the time or resources, then the game will fish for you to find. It has long been established that healing therapies from the contemplation of aquarium fish. Their graceful and unhurried fashion show between algae and decorations soothes and helps to smooth ruffled mind. They seem to mesmerize and fascinate. Where there is an aquarium, space becomes more comfortable, a relaxed and quiet conversation. Even a small fish in a small vessel can work wonders, but if you build a large aquarium, beautify it and bring light, multicolored its inhabitants turned into a magical people, living in a fantasy world. Having started playing the fish, you will be able to organize the life of aquatic creatures. You will learn that you need to take to the fishes were comfortable in their new home. Plants serve as their place of shelter, play, sleep, and salad - vitamin supplement to the basic diet. In the toy "Fishdom", which consists of several series, you learn all the tricks of the aquarist. Also, you can open a shop selling fish and accessories for them. For the business prospered, and plant your existing fish and buy new, more exotic. Some breed eggs, fry the other. To the inhabitants of the aquarium adults do not eat small fry, is deposited them in a separate container. Simulator fish will get you into the harsh reality of underwater spaces, where there is a rule: "Who is stronger, he survived." You will begin to play in the guise of small fish on which all hunting. Since you're still quite young fish, will eat algae and crumbs, but as you start to grow up, be able to do to hunt smaller neighbors. Now, not only do you have someone's prey, but they themselves have become the predator. The goal - to survive and become the biggest fish in the pond. Game fish - it is also fishing. Fishing is a fishing rod, net or suppress it with dynamite. Number of fish caught - it's your game points. Watch out for the job carefully. All colored fish, but you have to catch a certain number of fish of different colors. Puzzle games makes coming up with ways to help fish get into the water. This can be a maze, game three in a row, or the undermining of the structure where it is stuck. It is necessary to blow gently, so as not to harm the fish itself, but so that the device is broken in the right place and gradually formed by immersing the fish in the water. In games, Hidden Object, you dive to the bottom and before you open the gorgeous scenery. Enjoying them, you must not forget about the quest.

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Fish free online games

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