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Since ancient times, man, still dreamed of learning to fly in the air like a bird. The feeling of boundless freedom of movement does not rest much now, but, unfortunately, find themselves in the role of the pilot of the aircraft is not available to everyone. Of course, you can order a parachute jump or, for example, take a trip in a cozy modern airliner passenger seat, but the feeling of freedom of movement in the air can only pass the steering wheel in the hands of the pilot. Before traveling more than a thousand kilometers of occupied vast periods of time, almost a year, people are going on a long journey, and out of the point of origin in one part, and was getting to the destination is another group of people - some on the road could have been born, and someone - to die. Now, moving a few hours to the other side of the globe, people are angry that they have filed no fried and boiled chicken during the flight. Of course, everything is relative, but that would understand - like this: "do not be tied down to earth" - should ever go sailing, using the achievements of progress. For those who are afraid to fly, really, there is a great opportunity to try online games airplanes on our page. Here you can not restrict their movement in space only by the motion on the ground and become a real pilot, passenger, recreational, sports or military aircraft. You can choose that game, which is to your liking. Most games are about planes connected with the military theme, however, you will be able to find and not less interesting game dedicated to civil aviation. Games online aircraft - this is a great opportunity to get off the ground and soar to the sky without getting out of his favorite chair. The most difficult thing in the pilot - is taking off and landing, how you will be taught the skills the job of the runway, and contact with it, will depend upon the lives of many passengers, albeit virtual. So before you get behind the wheel, be sure to go through training. Of course, the modern possibilities of flash games do not allow the full game called Flying on airplanes made in flash animation, aircraft simulators, but, but, you can "fly" without having to buy expensive gaming license and without wasting time to install them. All you have to do - is to click Start and wait a few seconds of loading the game. Fly to your heart and conquer the vast expanse of the heavens. The main thing is not to miss other important things, because the game is very exciting Flying and varied!

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