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Samorost game - it's a surreal adventure, created by Czech designer Jakub Dvorsky. First of all, it has attracted gamers unusual kind of game universe. Here, the main character, alien, noticed that his house is approaching asteroid. To redirect its flight on a different trajectory, he flew to the huge block in a spaceship. There he met a strange creatures and everything was okay explore to find the opportunity to save their planet. Gamer controls the actions of a hero with the left mouse click - just click on any object or creature, to see how they can help achieve the goals of the game. Samorost brought to its creator several prestigious awards, and after a while he made a sequel, Samorost 2. It involved all of the same alien, but now it is executing another mission - to save his dog, alien abduction. The second part of Zamora has turned out much longer than the first, and continued the tradition of surreal landscapes and gameplay features. In order to play Samorost 3 gamers will have to download the application on your computer, because, according to the developers, the latest version of the popular toy is long enough. Although it is worth to understand that in reality there are many gaming options Zamora, also made in the original style and offering gameplay genre of puzzle quest. Here it is necessary to perform very different tasks. For example, to help the little alien who has fallen to the earth, to meet with their lost relatives. Or spend the novice fighter ninja to the great teacher who can open to him all the secrets of this martial art. You can manage a huge monster Frankenstein, which actually turns out to be exceptionally good, and dreams of a quiet life with his wife, but because the player has to carefully hold it by the raging monster peaceful villagers with pitchforks and torches. In all of these toys are also based on the principle: click and see what happens. For example, to get to the exit to another room to bridge the gap. For this gamer clicks on the rope and the character takes her toy in his hands. You then specify the hook on the other side of the ravine and then pounce hero rope to it and be able to move to the main objectives of the game. In these quests should be careful that the characters do not fall into the trap hidden. And sometimes you need to act quickly, otherwise the evil enemies overtake the hero, or is he simply miss the chance to go further. Try to force their logic, attention and intelligence in quests such as Samorost collected in this section of our site.

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