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Bunch Simpsons lives not only in the popular animated series, but also in the many computer games. They are involved in adventure games, rides his bike and other equipment, solve puzzles. Most often you can meet Bart. This is not a tomboy myself off and play video games, but because of all the family is hard to imagine a better hero for computer adventure. For example, Bart finds himself in the world of virtual platforms, it is very similar to the plumber Mario universe. Yellow boy jumping on them, collect hearts, presses his sneakers evil monsters. Gamer should make sure that the hero does not come under sharp teeth monsters fell off a cliff, just came to the door to the next level, and gathered all the treasures along the way. Simpsons games sometimes make it difficult to choose a major participant in adventure and instead of Bart same tasks can perform, for example, Homer. Manage this fat guy is not much more difficult - in the virtual world, he can run, jump and easily capable of performing interesting mission. In The Simpsons Game you can play in the genre of racing. Bart easily manages a powerful bike, it is surprising skill skateboarder cuts on an ATV off-road, jumping over obstacles in the urban bike BMX. Homer takes over the management of the pink family car and is not afraid to use dirty tricks, if only the first to reach the finish line distance. Marge, Lisa and Maggie also even out at the start of family events, when all the Simpsons sit down in a high-speed card and cut circles in the stadium. Simpsons games online - it's also shooting. In cartoon family is a lot of enemies, and Homer is forced to take up high-powered rifle, once and for all deal with their enemies. Gamer sees cartoon characters, mouse leads to sight them and then behold, how they are reflected accurate shot. Sometimes in these games Simpsons become the saviors of the world, destroying the rebels zombies. To do this, Bart flying in an alien device and floats insurgents dead laser beams. The Simpsons Game 3 online can do and girlish purely entertainment. For example, to pick up stylish clothes for Lisa. It's a smart and talented girl, but because of her attire should emphasize individuality. There are online games Simpsons, which are made in the genre of puzzle games. This, for example, search for differences or identical parts on scenes from the movie. In the style of The Simpsons produced classic toys - a maze of Pacman moves head Homer eats donuts and need to help her avoid a meeting with Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns. A huge variety of games with characters from The Simpsons we have collected for you in this section of our site.

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