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A man's life consists of many aspects. Some of them can not be expressed in computer toys - how to convey love? What virtual ways to portray your inspiration? But there are elements of life that can be embodied in a game and become the basis for an exciting gameplay. First of all, these are the activities that generate revenue. For example, the hotel business. Gamers can build their hotel include in her comfortable rooms, decent restaurant, cozy rooms for relaxation. You will need to hire a sufficient number of staff to the business did not fail, and vice versa - has brought impressive gains. If the gamer feels a craving for other pursuits, he can open a virtual diner, master blacksmith profession, become a seller in the virtual boutique, take care of the kiddies in kindergarten. Each of these corresponds to a life of vocations flash toy. In a virtual restaurant roast hot dogs, pour hot drinks to customers, offer them cakes and other goodies. In the forge come warriors who need a reliable weapon and the player produces for them swords, shields, helmets. Stores virtual world bursting with goods, and have to be very nimble seller in time to serve the customer the right thing, put the missing items on the shelves, pick up trash aisles. In the lead manger kids who need constant care - that boy wants a bottle of milk, the girl you need to change a diaper. All of these actions are carried out fairly simple, and helps them get used to the handy tips. But we must remember that, just as in real life, these virtual classes can only be considered successful when they bring good returns. Most income is the basis of the game - the gamer can switch to a new level when earns a certain amount for a limited time, and the development in the game of life will be possible only if the accumulated enough funds to buy new equipment, expanding the range of goods. Simulation life sometimes include not only business, but also entertainment. For example, the gamer takes control of every action a virtual character - directs it to work, happy to go to university, assigns to eat in a restaurant, tells when to go to rest. In these games there are indicators of money, health, fatigue, contentment - you need to make sure they were up to standard, otherwise the character will suffer, and the mission will fail the simulation of life. Try different games of this genre on our website and remember that virtual simulators will make life more interesting, but will never replace the real lessons and achievements.

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