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Funny cartoon about a round creatures called Smeshariki designed to show children and adults good world in which there is no violence, where everyone helps each other and work together to be able to solve any problems. The protagonists of this project - stylized little animals made in the form of beads so that they could easily draw even small children. The plot of the series provides important lessons to help children find ways out of the difficult situations that may arise in real life. Smeshariks games are mostly for beginners and gamers often bear the educational mission. For example, they help the child to expand vocabulary, learn how to make words out of disparate characters. On the playing field could be seen scattered around bukovki and gamer with the mouse points to those who get the word out. The longer it is, the more bonus points will fall into the playing piggy bank. Some games are free Smeshariks develop math skills, help remember the numbers. The child here is to build a kind of tag - swapped chips with numbers, it is seeking to obtain a continuous numeric range. Other games Smeshariks online help develop visual attention. For example, they need to make a happy little animals out of three identical-Smesharikov. They are shown on the mini-chips, which can be interchanged. How long will this series, the more would be a bonus, and the closer to the gamer will set records. There are toys that improve a child's memory - they need to explore a set of cards featuring cartoon characters, and when they will be turned back side, to try for a minimum number of attempts to point out all the identical pairs. Smeshariks games for girls offer to pick a cute outfit for Nyushi - and it also provides developing effect, because the girl gamer to begin to remember how to dress this pig, and then get out of the closet exactly the same hat, dress, shoes, handbag. Boys Smeshariks often play sports games and gamers to help them achieve success in these competitions. For example, you can download a virtual soccer field, to be on the court for volleyball, helping Smesharikov sprinting and jumping over obstacles. Kids can enjoy coloring with your favorite characters. There are clues that indicate what color is best to use, the picture turned out to harmonious. Then the same pattern can be transferred onto the paper. In Smeshariks game you can play for free in this section of our website. Dipped into the adventures of your favorite characters, learn and have fun together with good creatures cartoon universe.

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