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Sometimes only one well-aimed shot can decide the outcome of a major battle, or even prevent it. For this, there are snipers who wielded rifles with telescopic sights, able to shoot accurately over long distances. They can detect the enemy in the trees, in a crowd of people on the street, in the distant high-rises. Snipers often have to work even in peacetime, when you need to disarm the offender or to protect the whole of society from the evil plans of some villain to develop weapons of mass destruction. Usually, the activity of snipers kept secret, but in the space of computer games has developed a completely different situation. Here, every gamer can try yourself as a shooter, performing important tasks and establishing the kingdom of goodness and justice in virtual reality. Shooting games online sniper offer to perform various tasks. As a rule, before the round hero communicates with his boss, who explains who and why you need to eliminate. Then the player has to complete the mission definition, because any mistake here leads to the loss. The objectives of sniper games become perpetrators horrible atrocities and ready to make an even greater evil. They are members of mafia gangs, terrorists, crazy inventors of evil. But they often live a normal life with the mind: a walk with the dog in the park, play sports, have lunch in the cafe. After receiving a task, the sniper must clearly reveal its purpose, based on the obtained descriptions. Only one shot is hidden in hand, and if he misses, it will fail the mission. Not all of the snipers in the flash games are so noble - is found here and full of assholes. For example, some shooting at all the people who are in their field of sight, trying to snatch the victims even from the shelter, podlavlivaya moment when they will be in direct contact with the field. There are also games that perfectly demonstrates what happens to such villainous arrows after their bloody entertainment. For example, a sniper killed someone, and when I came out of hiding, he found himself surrounded by police who are ready to put pounds of bullets, if only to punish the villain. Sniper games online are created not only with realistic situations, but also show the fantastic worlds with mystical monsters. For example, the zombies are approaching the city, and only the accuracy of a sniper will not allow them to attack the inhabitants of the suburbs. Or in front of a gamer seeks to destroy all the robots that are out of obedience and is now seeking to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. Try your sniper accuracy in games collected in this section of our site!

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